Guide to Faction standings (Decline ALL bad missions!)

Made a guide here how to get good faction standings to decline bad missions without being unable to continue to do missions. When I was a new player I found it very confusing so hope it helps! :grin:


This is exactly how we work with USIA, we chain missions/anomics since the faction standing loss is so minimal compared to corp/agent standing… the trick is to make sure you have high enough faction standings to not totally screw losing out on the corp/agent.

And any losses that we sustain, do not go towards the client we are grinding missions for.

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Nice video.

You forgot to include a few other Agent types that also give Faction standing increase.

There’s a small group of level 1 Agents called Circle Agents. Each of the 4 main Factions have these Agents. They’re all chained together with each Agent referring you to the next Agent in the circle. The Circle Agents can be repeated but only 1 of the Agents will give Faction standing increase which is only granted on the first time.

Then there’s Data Center Agents located at 3 different locations for each of the 4 main Factions. The Data Center Agents are from level 1 to level 4, they all grant Faction standing increase in exchange for Pirate Dog Tags. Basically those are trade missions and can only be completed once. Finding the Pirate Dog Tags takes time so it’s best to just buy them from the Market or Public Contracts.

For more in-depth info about gaining Faction standing, check out ‘The Plan’…

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