Standings Bug

So is there any word on correcting the standings from the drone exploit?
Having positive EDENCOM and trig standings is certainly broken, even ignoring the insane numbers they got.

If not, are the people who didn’t immediately use this just gimped?

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They are probably still working on figuring out who was abusing the bug and who was just running lots of drone sites because they have a severe hate for rogue drone AI and realise all the drones they abandoned were the reason rogue drones exist

there is some clarification about it in video. Since it was posted byt CCP somewhere one someone discord. Because CCP can’t share basic informations on official channels…

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You mean like the server status twitter account?

The official forums?

Doesn’t really get much more “official” than that, may have even been a launcher message at one point aswell

Click on that play button and read what is in screen shot. Show me where is same this as said there, on official channels.

That clarification never was posted on forum before CCP fixed issue.


Was posted the same day as the tweet and the day prior to the exploit actually being fixed on the 15th, i think the word you’re looking for is “oops”

I think what Lis is looking for is a statement by CCP in an ‘official’ place that contains the following clarification of what the exploit actually is:

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Yeah that wording changed like 3 times so i’m not even sure that was the official stance outside of what was posted in the original announcement

We will need to wait for the “punishments” to see what actually counted as exploiting it

The fact you can get standings with both is surprising, but fine.

However, if the crazy high standings remain, that is an immense middle finger to all the people who took the MONTHS grinding on both sides. Not pleased.

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Well, yeah, the exploit notification was shared through official channels, but was rather vague. So, someone asked for clarification on the EDI discord. CCP answered the question there, but didn’t update anyone else with the clarification. I imagine that that’s what Lis was talking about.

Personally, I think CCP does a good job relaying the most important information through dev blogs and patch notes. But the fact remains that a lot of information, clarification, and talk of future plans gets disseminated through unofficial sources. I don’t fault CCP for this, because a lot that comes from pod casters/players asking devs questions, but I still sympathize with players who don’t feel like having to monitor several dev twitter accounts, the CCP Twitch Channel, all the podcasts, reddit, and a billion discords just to stay in the loop.

As exploit notifications usually are, in order to make it harder for people to figure out whats broken and how to try to sidestep the issue while still making the most out of it, security is normally vague for a reason

I wouldn’t be so annoyed but this is DIRECTLY tied to access and gameplay in Pochven, so its rather game breaking in that region.

apparently the consensus here is to be positive about the new content
so ill not say the invasion and the new region is ■■■■

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