Is it possible to gain positive standings with both the Trigs and EDENCOM?

Someone told me that was a bannable exploit, and I want to know whether it is true and whether it is bannable.

It’s not a bannable exploit.
You shoot drones or drifters in Pochven

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The exploit you are referring to was patched.


It is sadly possible and apparently even intentional to be able to gain standings with both sides of this war. While Trig Shits got all the rewards for their “hard work”, Edencom players got shafted completely because they never were meant to be on that side. This is what #CCPQualityFeatures look like.

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I think we can guess who picked the wrong side here…

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Taking into account the current situation in the game, where the supporters of EDENCOM (but also players who decided to remain neutral during the Invasion, or who joined the game after the end of the invasion and thus do not have a + standing with Triglavians) experienced mainly the expensive consequences of their choice (absurd all-day gate camps made by strong Triglavian fleet in high sec systems with Triglavian WH; 28 systems with Triglavian Minor Victory status where they also cannot travel; I will not mention Niarja and 50 jumps between Jita and Amarr issue).

This leads to the bitter conclusion, already expressed by several players in this forum and reddit, that if the CCP encourages and supports the choice of any side in the conflict, then it is most sensible not to choose any side and wait for the situation to develop. This, of course, runs counter to the idea of actively participating in the content created by the CCP for the players, so that they are not bored and have something to do beyond the daily routine in EVE.

In this way, neither side will ever be satisfied with its situation. Currently, players without a + standing with Triglavians are frustrated by the daily Triglavians gate ambush in high sec systems, where Triglavian WH has just appeared, and the only way to remedy this is to visit Pochven. It is to put pressure on players to fly to Pochven, at least for once, to beat a pair of rogue drones, if they do not want to risk losing ships and assets. In a game, whose greatest attraction is its sandboxing character? A total misunderstanding. The developers of the game, on the other hand, must also feel discouraged, where every novelty offered to players often ends up with a wave of criticism and often lack of participation.

This leads to the conclusion that it is probably high time for players and CCP to listen to each other and try to strike a balance between the obstacles and challenges in the game and the feeling of satisfaction with facing them, while at the same time allowing players the freedom to choose how to face them. And this is supposed to be the forum where players can express their opinions. And that is allegedly what the CSM is for. And in practice, for a long time now, the CCP has been pushing its visions. Burning the bridges behind them, by the way. This does not lead to cooperation, but only to a widening rift.


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