Edencom Standing from Pochven Activity? Huh?

Strategic sense.

I don’t know.

I’ve undocked a hurricane that has no armor left …
… and tried engaging them.

It’s fun. :slight_smile:
And scary. :blush:

All these losers playing the safe game are just admitting defeat before they even really started.

Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

You completely missed my point. It’s not about danger now or danger later, it is about “does this achieve something”. Shooting triglavians or edencom NPCs at the moment don’t do anything but tank your standings. You cannot make them go away - they’ll just respawn. If you roll the wormholes they come through, new ones spawn immediately. You cannot affect systems in any way anymore. The loot is decent but in no way decent enough to compensate for the standings downsides. There are NPCs that give you positive standing with both and at least as good loot.

And after you’ve been engaging them for five months, the novelty’s also kind of worn off as a benefit, too.


You guys are turbo nerding so hard, you’re forgetting it’s a game.

“Does this achieve something?”

Yes, it does. You gain standings with one side …
… lose standings with the other …
… and you will eventually suffer the consequences in form of game-play.

To me all of this isn’t much unlike being -10.

I’ll be laughing my ass off when CCP decides to screw people over for farming both sides.

No personal offense intended. My perpsective is vastly different.

I just enjoy the ■■■■■■■ game and see what’s going to happen.
Farming for both sides feels like a horribly cowardish way to play a game.

From my perspective farming standings is way too hard anyway.

CCP should make sure you only gain standing when you actually engage the NPCs …
… but today I’ve tried simply tagging using a painter and no tick happened …
… so maybe they’ve fixed that. :slight_smile:

Yet that is the opportunity CCP has made the most prevalent content in Pochven.

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‘The game’ is killing other players, not NPCs. Killing the NPCs is the means to not get aggroed by them later while you are trying to kill a player.

And you only get standing for rats that are killed… if you target-paint a rat and it later gets killed, you get the standing. If it doesn’t get killed, you don’t. Was always like that. (And the rat probably has to die within a certain time for the game to remember that you were involved. Also you still have to be in the system at the moment the rat dies.)

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