Fix the Oneiros PLEASE

Anything it can do wrt logistics can be done better by Guardians.

Replace remote tracking link bonus that can’t be used in conjunction with its remote reps (because it needs mids for cap stability) with something useful.

Some suggestions:

  1. Sig radius reduction bonus (similar to Thalias) which would make it better at MWD applications
  2. Capacitor bonus to free up its midslots for something useful (like extra tackle - making it a “brawling logi”)
  3. Larger drone bay and bonused logi drones (HP and speed), bonused hull rep bots.
  4. Speed bonus such as reduce speed penalty due to buffer plates.

A simple speed buff would probably do the trick.

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Well, I mostly fly shield logi, so I don’t have a lot of experience Oneiros. However, I think it’s unfair to compare it to the Guardian because the Gaurdian requires a cap chain to function, while the Onieros doesn’t. Instead, I think a better comparison would be to the Scimitar. So, I played around with some PvE and PvP fits to try to create the best apples to apples comparison that I could, and found that it’s performance seems to be in line with the Scimi.

Of course, paper performance is a lot difference from actual performance, so I could be wrong. However, I still stand by my assertion that it’s unfair to compare the Onieros to the Guardian.

Also, CCP mentioned a year or so ago that they were going to buff cap mods, but give them a stacking penalty. Which could be really awesome if the buff was large enough to free up slots for other goodies like sig amps, sebos, tracking computers, tanking mods, and all that. Of course, I’m not going to hold my breath.



I liked the idea of giving the Oneiros a speed buff.

The speed differential between an Oneiros and a Guardian is not enough to give the Oneiros an edge like the Scimi has over the Basi. The Guards also perma-MWD with cap stability to spare due to their MEANINGFUL cap transfer bonus that applies to their logistics role.

Oneiros second bonus should be relevent to the ship’s performance in some way.

Here’s the Level 5 speeds:
No prop mod:
Oneiros: 288 m/s Guardian: 261 m/s Ratio: 1.10
Scimitar: 316 m/s Basilisk: 240 m/s Ratio: 1.31

10MN Afterburner II, with 1600mm plate (Imperial Navy)
Oneiros: 644 m/s, Guardian : 605 m/s, Ratio 1.06
(no plate) Scimitar 785 m/s, Basilisk: 575 m/s, Ratio: 1.36

50MN MWD II with 1600mm plate (Imperial Navy)
Oneiros 1,634 m/s, Guardian: 1,560 m/s, Ratio: 1.047
(no plate) Scimitar: 2,086 m/s, Basilisk: 1506 m/s: Ratio: 1.39

Guard/Basi Ratio (Base/AB/MWD): (1.08/1.05/1.04)
Oneiros/Scimitar Ratio (Base/AB/MWD): (0.91/0.82/0.78)


Bearing in mind the Onieros is only slow when plated, perhaps a speed buff should be in relation to that, so a reduction on the effects rigs and plates have rather than an overall speed buff?

Enough to get it nearer 2k m/s which is a similar speed to most scimitar fits but with a better tank (think 40k ehp is usual for scimitars?)

I mean currently Onieros is ok, it fills a very niche role but yes, there is nothing to really seperate it from other logistics to make it an actual viable choice in a varied amount of fleets.

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Great idea.

To highlight the issue: Yes, there’s not enough real differentiation between the Guard and the Oneiros which relegates the Oneiros to a niche role as a solo logi, or a logi with an extra sensor booster. However, in a vast majority of the cases, the cap transfer ability of the Guard makes them a superior choice.

For example, the Guardian can almost mimic any potential Oneiros fit you’d want, and the cap transfer ability of Guards (as well as their better fitting specs to rep more) is superior to whatever potential difference there is between your “optimal” Oneiros and the “mimic” Guard.


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