Shield Module Idea - Reactive Shield Hardner

The Module

Its armor for shields! The Reactive Shield Hardner is a concept module which works similar to the reactive armor hardner. When shot by damage types, it will spread its hardner levels and balances them out in accordance with the new damage that has laid upon your ship, exactly like the reactive armor hardner.


The resistance for such a module would be very similar to the armor hardners - 15 Percent across the board for all damage types. This would be because we want a fair and balance module to suggest for all fields of gameplay and nothing crazy out of it.


This is a lol add-on for anyone who loves to ■■■■ on King Amaarian for my dumbass antics and titan losses that make some of you want to stop playing eve. PREPARE FOR ■■■■■■■■!

“The Reactive Shield Hardner was originally designed by King Amaarian after the loss of the valued Alzyan, an Gallente Erebus-class titan used for bridging. Its purpose is to protect the shield and manipulate it into reacting to the specific damage types that are fired into the ship, allowing more protection wherever you go.”


I am not one for really putting full paragraphs of ideas like Gideon or other CSM candidates are, just an idea I thought I’d throw in so CCP could make the armor vs shield more fair.

Have fun talking about this and do tell me if you think it’d be a fair mechanic to the game, I would really like to contribute to the success of this game and maybe one day work for CCP.

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I long have wished for a module of such design.

very cool, CCPLZ

There is, or at least we used to have, some capital-ship module that was adjacent to the proposed module.
CCP said they would watch closely if people would use it, but most people didn’t, so they didn’t iterate on a feature, that would not be used to and made different use of their time.

We do have the capital Shield Hardner but I am referring for sub capitals, that way shield warfare for caldari or minimatar or your favorite shield doctrine would be more interesting.

For such a module to be useful for subcaps it would either be too powerful right away or completely useless.
We already have links and the adaptive invulnerability field mod, that you can overheat for a very long time without having to be extra-careful.

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i think this module would be great if banned from marauder-class spaceships

This would break the game. Probably good reason this doesn’t exist for shields.

so sad, there is one of the few things that CCP has done right in mechanics design choices (aka making shield and armor really different at some key aspects) and people want to “fix” it by making it all the same. It hurts.


well why would it break the game?

Really? Seriously?

Having shield ships that have 98% resists would destroy what armor brings to the table.
The meta would be severely sided towards shields.

We don’t need to make shields and armor the same as @Syzygium points out. I want unique features that separate shield from armor.

Isn’t that just called a Multispectrum Shield Hardener?

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“Having shield ships that have 98% resists would destroy what armor brings to the table” Where does it come from that he would be able to make a similar damage resistance power?

shield and armor got about the same resistance power its just the difference that Shield need cap for onmy resistance and armor does not need cap for onmy resistance ( as one module )
both got the option to push a single resistance either with or without cap !

a RAH for shield could be worse and good
if you just put it ontop of your shield resistance profile then you need to remove other modules and maybe has less HP or less E-War / Tackle / propulsion
But on the other hand, you realy got a ton of resistance ontop

armor and shield are not the same and this is ok, but still armor is the way of PvP …
i know shield got low slot advantage so you could speed up that armor dont catch up but you loose a lot of dmg.

in a brawl fight i would say armor will win in about 80% of all fights and thats unbalanced !
shield need a bit more power but not in resistance ! they need alternate shiptypes to compare with Triglavian ships wich have strong EHP, Strong DPS and can even rep their frieinds. And a Nestor which has way more Rep Power then every other Logistic ship ( capitals excluded ) and even a fugging hard tank.

shield can choose which logistics ? Scimitar and Basilisk … -.- in this way you need about 1/3rd more firepower and logistic power to beat an armor gang.

Still a NO for the Shield RAH

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There is a reason this doesn’t exist for shields.

@Vuhdo_Rin explained it well so I will leave it at that.

Armor is known for near 95%-98% resists in some cases. The only shield ships that reach that are command boosters/the monitor (maybe command destroyers but I need to look)

W/o citing PVP knowledge I know for a fact CCP doesn’t want to do it because of the pandora’s box it will open and tilt the very delicate balance between shields and armor. Then yall gona to be complaining how shields is too OP with the module and CCP needs to balance it again and again and again… So they just stay VERY far from it for 20+ years now.

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