Capital ships should be capital - hull/gun size damage penalty multiplier

But in case of signature and tracking mechanics it’s not a much buff. But it will certanly helps cap ships to kill an annoying insects

above yours + 1
So frig size have 1 damage ratio to crusiers, crusiers 1 to BS, BS 1 to caps
But frigs vs BS have only 0.5, and against caps only 0.25.

You said hull size and said nothing about it stacking just -50% each hull size above. The way it reads is a simple -50% then -100%. I do know what you mean but i am taking it at at face value due to the fact you only wish to do all this since you got punched in the Ego by losing a carrier with a bad fit.

No, thanks. Looks too much like an ISK before brains suggestion.
Taking away even part of the vulnerability of capital ships (support fleets) would make cap proliferation even more a thing in the game.

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As it happens, there is a documented case of an aircraft carrier being sunk by a single torpedo:

USS Albacore (SS-218) - Wikipedia

Akagi was sunk by a combination of damage from a near miss and ONE bomb at Midway.

Archer-fish sank the largest carrier ever sunk in a single spread of torps, which is the EVE equivalent of a supercarrier getting alpha’ed by a stealth bomber using its torp bonus.

Real life never took a “lucky” shot to kill a ship with a smaller ship using heavy weapons. It took courage and skill to deliver the weapons effectively.

Uhhhhhh. HAW Phoenix would like to saw hello.