Remove jump drives from capitals

Yes I said it. Capital ships should not have jump drives.

The problem with capitals isn’t their proliferation, it’s their mobility. Jump drives means the strategic mobility of capital ships is actually BETTER than that of subcaps for many scenarios. It means their power can be projected very easily. Capitals should be powerful ships that are slow to field. This means they would once again fill a different role from subcaps instead of just being a more expensive and superior option. Capitals would become attractive ships for strikes against high-value infrastructure and for escalating long fights.

Titans shouldn’t have jump bridges either. Move the jump bridge to a new dedicated ship that can only bridge subcaps.

Removing jump drives of course means vast rebalancing changes. The change would be fundamental in the role of this class of ships. I think capitals should actually be significantly buffed afterwards.

Won’t happen,

it would be nice but that xxxxx feature gives big aliances overwhelming advantage in null space, and CCPs sympathy for the some alliances is well known …

They should never have added those ships without adding new space.

All that happened is those ships displaced subs which at the time was hella fun.


Cyno spool-up timers would sort it out + a way to pause it. Instant cyno + jump is the problem not the jump itself, 2 - 3 min should be decent. Also playing with cyno pause’s and removing those pauses could be really fun with both sides trying to out smart the other in keeping their Capitals from jumping in.

You simply forget one important point.
A cap fleet is fast in a direct jump - but they can´t chase you.

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