Jump Drive Spool

I think capitals should have a jump drive spool up time. I’m thinking between 30-60 seconds based on the level of a new skill. I think black ops should have minimal, if any, spool. Bridges (covert and Titan) would remain instant.


For what purpose? Do delay a capital response?
If so it doesn’t really do anything but force cynos into bigger ships.

You are touching on the idea it’s too easy to move capital ships around, which is why their power is too widely used, which is why trying to limit the reach and frequency of which capitals can be deployed would be a fine solution to the problem, but instead we just get capital ship nerfs…

Bigger ships are not used for a reason, they’re slower. Instant jumping is too much. Atm a carrier can get into a fight X ly away faster than an interceptor 150km away.

You’re not wrong in that capital ships being able to instantly get somewhere is a problem, but with the current mechanics putting a spool up timer on cynos and possibly a delay on the capital ships landing seems more advisable.

Hell, you could even have it that capital ships need to do a pseudo-warp animation from their stellar direction, allowing for warp bubble placement to possibly intercept landing capitals.

Spool on cynos would be better I agree. Whichever way it happens I’m fine with as long as caps can’t just instantly teleport around anymore.

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