Capital ship construction problem

I’m not expert on industry but when I tried to build a freighter I saw that one module needed for the ship is way more expensive than the ship itself. I’m talking about Capital Core Temperature Regulator, that item is over 4B on market and the whole ship is like bit over 3B.
How is this possible, that item is needed for other capital ships as well, so capital construction is broken or what?
Everything is inflated and a lot of people stopped playing, Something needs to change soon I recon, this is not going well for the game.

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Prices for capitals have not yet caught up to their new production costs. One of the reason for this might be because lots of industrialists made a mad scramble to build as many ships as possible before the industry changes dramatically increased build requirements. Another might be because people are selling off assets that they bought for much cheaper. They might not be getting any where near build costs, but they paid far less, so they don’t care.

And yes, I think CCP went overboard with freighter prices. I’m sure we’ll see more and more complaining if their market prices keep going up. Hopefully, however, the end of scarcity and player adaptation will help bring their build costs down to more reasonable levels.
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But they can now “easily and quickly” adjust some levers and improve the situation, like reducing the number of new components to drive prices down again … which would screw over all the people who have been building them with the new prices in mind and would now have to sell at a massive loss again. :joy: That’s something CCP will never learn and will keep repeating time and again.

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I wonder who is building them when production costs more than a finished ship. A year ago I sold my Obelisk for 1.3b, now a Orthrus costs around half a bil :joy: My problem is that I builded all other components before I realized the problem with Capital Core Temperature Regulator… now i’m kinda stuck and pissed off.

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