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I’ve got a small pile of BPCs for stuff (things like Large Micro Jump Drives) and some other types of items I’ve found along my travels. Usually, these things are found with 0 material efficiency bonuses and if I look at buying the materials, they come out to be not profitable (even a little) - usually the materials cost more than the item is worth.
So, the general question is, what do we do with unresearched (and of course, unresearchable) BPCs?

Well, resource scarcity and the recent industry changes has impacted the profitability of a lot of stuff. Prices should eventually catch up to production costs, and the end of resource scarcity will hopefully lower costs as well. So, your best bet is probably just to hold onto them for now.
No P2W

Thanks! I’m a pretty casual player, so waiting… isn’t a problem. LOL.

Sell the BPCs as BPOs and scam someone out of ISK.

You get ISK, they get… sort of half a BPO, and everyones happy… sort of.

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If you’re an industrialist then sell them all as one big job lot and use the proceeds to buy more profitable BPCs to build from. If you’re not an industrialist…sell them and use the ISK for something else. If you can’t sell them directly auction them in jita for whatever you can get or just trash them. I like the suggestion to pretend they’re a BPO and scam someone too lol seems unlikely but never underestimate the power of stupidity in Eve.

Fuzzworks shows that particular blueprint as being profitable btw although I think it uses jita buy value for mineral prices (I’m not an industrialist so not 100% on that but it certainly looks that way). If you’re buying minerals directly from sell orders to build stuff then obviously there are going to be fewer profitable items.


Just put them on 0 reserve contracts, they will be bought buy a ‘‘the mins I mine, the plex I buy is free’’ player. Who will purchase them with ISK bought for $, build them with mins they mined from a belt for ‘‘free’’ then sell them on the market for -33% margin, 1 isk bellow the CCP pet pumping out the same items with their leg up T2BPO (some markets have zero T2BPO) and call it pure profit.

‘‘This is the way’’, many markets are like this, stay clear of them, ignore the CCP fan boi trolls coming along to dispute this fact.

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