CCPlease - Nirvana implant drop instead of BPC

Hello guys,

since the new Nirvana implants were introduced recently, the Sansha elite rats now can drop BPCs for these, instead of the Amulet implants they dropped before (the whole implant, not only the BPC).

Thing is, i have a hard time to understand, why they only drop the BPCs instead of the complete implant. This is the case for any other region and pirate faction. It makes Sansha rats far less interesting to farm, because all other pirate factions will drop the occasional implant, which is more precious than just the BPC of an implant. I understand that the complete Nirvana implants are more expensive because of their scarcity right now and thus could make Sansha space too crowded or giving people too much benefit as a highsec and lowsec reward right now, but wouldn’t this farming lead to a decreasing price in the longterm, bringing it down to other implants faster?

I don’t really see the point in making that difference and it’s kind of inconsistent if you compare it to other factions.

Maybe this post will backfire and all other rats will only drop BPC of the implants in the future instead of the whole implant… so i already apologize for that…

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Maybe the reason for the BPC is so those Implants don’t flood the market right from the start.

Probably both BPC and Implants will be added later as loot drop and be available in LP store.

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah, it will propably be changed in the future, but my solution until that happens will be to avoid Sansha space. There are a lot of other opportunities which are more benefitial until then.

So less competition around there for you guys :slight_smile:

Cheers buddy

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Also the BPC generates downstream content for everyone from the mats gatherers to the builders and marketeers.


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