Amulet Implants

Hey all.
I am trying to figure out where Amulet implants come from. People keep telling me its from Blood Raiders, but in the LP store its is not listed.
I have tried google and various chat channels yet no help.
Where do I get these things, thank you guys

On Ellatha you need to look for the old name: High-grade Slave XYZ



They used to be called Slaves, but the Minmatar got upset, so they changed the name.

You can also find it in blood expeditions as drops from dark blood spawns in those sites.

It’s strange how it was moved from Sansha to Blood Raider, with the name change from Slave to Amulet. Doesn’t help that the updated description for Amulets makes no mention of the Blood Raiders, instead talking of ‘underworld scientists’ and ‘elite pirate officers’. It’s so painfully generic, I wonder if they were supposed to be assigned to the equally-generic Smugglers of late.

Now the Sansha have Nirvanas, the ‘shield Slaves’ that people had been asking for a long time.

Side note, the Sansha are weird. The ships on offer are shield-tanked, but their normal rats are armor-tanked. However, Incursion Sansha are heavily shield-tanked.

Back in the day all Sansha were armor, but they where changed to shield so blood raider seems more apt nowadays.

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Huh you’re right. Not only incursion rats, but also diamond rats have more shield tank.

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