The Agency Crimson Harvest Headhunter crate,

So im just curious as to why CCP would put the same skins you can get from Blood raider gauntlets battleships into a Headhunter can that takes 440 agency points, when clearly they could put something much better in there,

example shadow of the serpentis max crate *long grind you got vehement BPC, for headhunter crate coulda put bpc’s for molok, chremoash and the fax whatever its called in there 1 random bpc that drops

It’s fairly easy to grind 400 agency points, took me few days, market would be flooded with BPCs.

and thats a bad thing why? least players be like i got a molok bpc build it and lose it and be like oh ill just build another cause well yeah

I really like what CCP did this time with the escalating challenges rather than the timeouts / cool downs.

But they seriously underestimated the grinding ability of us players :grinning:

I think they could have doubled the number of points required and no-one would have complained.


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I think there should be at least 10 PLEX in the last crate and one of the unique battleship headhunter SKINs that should not drop from rats and not be in NES store. And a t-shirt with special “Bloody” design with the white skull like on the headhunter SKINS. Just some ideas for better reward crate.


I sold my crate for more than any of the possible SKINs inside were selling for. Not sure why someone wanted to pay so much for a box with a SKIN in that would be worth less than they paid for the box … but hey, thanks for the ISK whoever you are :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya I liked the increased progress which resets daily. That was a total win! But your right a bigger grind for better rewards would be an improvement. Also Some kind of escalation if you bring in a small fleet so groups could share rewards and possibly get better payouts for grouping up… and its an excuse for more small gangs in low sec… ALWAYS A WIN.

I agree the events should have a special Automatically applied skin when you fill the bar that’s only for that event and you can’t buy it. Might get more ppl doing the content like the exoplanet skins.

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