(Guristas Production Strong Box ) Is there any chance of the new BPCs dropping out of the faction specific strong boxes?

Hoping to get a dev response! thanks.

Which new BPCs do you have in mind?

One gets Gurista Production Strong Box from Gurista Production Badger/Bustard from NPC mining operations in a system with Gurista FOB, and in my experience upon opening it dropped:

  • Various Gurista Livery SKINs (80-500mil)
  • ‘Harvester’ Mining Drone BPC (1 run) (~400mil)
  • Elara Restrained Mining Laser Upgrade (~20 mil)
  • ‘Carpo’ Mining Laser Upgrade (~90 mil)

If you happen to mean Upwell Structure faction mod BPCs, they drop from FOBs.

It would be a great opportunity for them to add in ways to collect blueprints, or even blueprint fragments, off the haulers.

And yes i was talking about the loggerhead/caiman/chemosh/dagon

Dreadnought BPCs drop from Dreadnoughts. Belt spawns in null as far as I know.

Haulers are far too easy to kill, to farm even, to put reward of this kind into the Boxes.

Is that confirmed? And if they are so easy to farm, then why are they still over 350m per box?

Cause theoretically they can drop billions worth of stuff. A Rorquall skin alone I think is selling for over 2 bil.

I once got Skiff Gurista Livery SKIN which I sold for 400 mil, a ‘harvester’ mining drone BPC which I sold for 400 mil, and Elara Upgrade for 20 mil. All from a single Strong Box.

And that is how you get new ship blueprints

Guristas Shipyards

The pirate factions of New Eden continue their arms race for supremacy, as the Guristas Pirates are next to branch out into mass manufacture of capital class vessels.

Refusing to sit idle and spectate as the Blood Raiders build a formidable fleet, the Guristas now have their own production facilities which contain highly valuable blueprints for their capital ship designs.

With the winter expansion, capsuleers can look forward to assaulting these shipyards in order to get their hands on very rare blueprints for highly capable and advanced capital class vessels.

My point is, the guristas shipyards are too difficult to just drop a dread or fax. Look at how the vanquisher and vehement are available via LP. Shouldn’t those options exist as well for this faction?

I still think that the dreads/faxes/titans would be better off having a small chance to drop from these strong boxes (or at least fragments of them).

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