Tool for Managing/Tracking Blueprints?

A while ago i started collecting BPOs. Im buying them from NPCs and researching them in public Sotiyos. My long-term goal is to get max researched BPOs for all subcap modules and all ships below BCs. I now have a few hundred BPOs and its starting to get messy. Finding BPOs i dont already have is quite time consuming.

Is there a tool for BP management? There are many tools for industrialists, but i havent found a proper BP management tool yet. “EVE ISK per hour” has a BP manager that can almost do the job, but its buggy. (Filters dont work correctly.)

Just start an Excel spreadsheet. I currently have over 500 fully researched BPO’s and adding to it every day. The only way I can keep track of them is by using a spreadsheet.

Hi there,

Can you link an example of your spreadsheet, i’m not very good with them.

you can retrieve your bpos in the esi application, then compare it to a list of bpos for specific items category/group.

Managing owned BPs is no proplem. There are tools for it.
Getting a list of not owned BPOs was my problem.
I used the BP manager of IPH for it. It was a bit tedious because the filters a buggy, but a lot less work than making a complete spreadsheet with all BPOs.

I dont see any need to make my own spreadsheets when there there multiple asset management tools available.
For example, to track my BPs i use the BP Manager of Prism.

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