BPO Library - What do you use it for?

I’ve seen a lot of people collect BPOs and work out some interesting ways to make money or share their BPO “Library” with others inside and outside their Corp.

I’d love to hear what you put in your BPO library!

With almost 2,000 BPOs available, I assume y’all are focusing on certain categories and groupings.

What have you collected, and why?

why though ?

  • 5446 various BPOs.
  • 1181 distinct
  • 3816 of them are 10/20
  • 1062 distinct 10/20
  • total NPC prices 357B
  • total research cost 510B

Gotta catch em all !


I started out with just what I needed. Trained up to do invention on shield module and rig prints to make out in null, then as I had more money I started collecting groups, like all ammo, all frigates, all cruisers, all armor stuff.

I would say the whole venture has not been profitable yet but fun!

Isk I make that builds up this library has not been from indy though I have found some things to make that were profitable.

yeah, below 100B of industry asset I was not making benefit either. Like 50B of BPOs and 50B of craft items. Nowadays it allows me to plex several accounts + purchase what I want (that is, MORE BPOs! ) but I had to quickstart it with PVE.

Yeah, it has been fun though, one of these days maybe my BPO library will pay itself off.

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