The BPO Library is Open!

The Big Idea
The Library is located at the NPC station in Thelan, a low-sec pocket in the middle of Empire Space. Members of the corp are given access to BPOs based on how long they have been a member. If a character breaks the rules (no scamming, no stealing…common sense stuff), they lose access.

Alts are welcome. There are no formal or official activities, events, fleets, etc. This is purely a place you can drop an alt to make copies for your use.

The Details

The BPO Library is a corporation who’s primary purpose is to make every BPO available to any player in neutral or better standing for copying.

We do not have all BPOs, of course, but the collection grows. They are not all researched, yet, but that is in progress.

As of the time of this post, records show 338 BPOs, 27 of which are duplicates. 25 are fully researched.

The total base value of the BPO collection is just under 14b.

BPOs are kept in query-only hangars and members must direct their copy output to a shared hangar. It’s as easy as that.

The Fine Print
-All BPOs, whether donated or purchased by the corp, belong to BluePrint Czar.
-There is a 0.1% tax to help fund BPO purchases and research.
-Members researching the BPOs is appreciated, but not required.
-There is no limit to the number of copy jobs a character or player can have at the same time. We have no desire to try to track any of that.
-There is no queue or waiting list for BPOs. If the BPOs aren’t available or in high-demand, we will try to purchase and research additional instances.
-Questions should be directed to BluePrint Czar or Phaenixxx…they are the same person.

January Update:

We have added more BPOs (mostly Ammunition and Charges) and continued researching.

Public “catalog” is available at: Blueprint Inventory - Google Sheets

If the link doesn’t work, let me know.

We are considering giving away the extra BPOs and unclaimed BPCs as a raffle/drawing. Not much to offer at the moment, but the library keeps growing!

Currently 65 of our 363 BPOs are fully researched!

February Update:

We didn’t add many more BPOs to the list, but we did get several more fully researched.

We are up to 86 out of 365!

Our focus, right now, is picking up the less expensive ones and getting them fully researched before we start spending money on expensive ones, but several big ones are in the oven and will be coming out over the next few months.

The raffle pile is small this month, several mining crystal Type A BPOs…they will be raffled off at the end of the month!

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