Tools for blueprint research

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Are there any 3rd party tools for managing blueprint research? Just something that keeps track of active research would be ideal. So I can log the appropriate character when necessary.

If not I can settle for a suggested way of managing multiple characters with research.

Logging through each character every day or two is getting frustrating :thinking:

(Do Little) #2

EveMon will track personal research but not research jobs submitted for corp. Unfortunately EveMon hasn’t been updated in over a year and information on the progress of moving it to ESI is spotty at best.

Since there is an API endpoint for research jobs, it’s likely other tools are available. I’ve been using EveMon since I started playing the game and will likely continue as long as it works!

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One option… Have all rooms in the same corp. Insta all jobs as corp ones. Then just log in one character and look at the jobs tab filtered for corp. This would show all active jobs and the owner’s name is listed.

(Mr Epeen) #4

I go old school and use Notepad. Simple but effective.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

(Lady Ayeipsia) #5

Notepad is for kids…

Back in my day, we scratched text onto clay tablets. You baked it if you wanted a permenant record.

(c4binfever) #6

Thanks for the suggestions

Having all characters in the same corp isn’t really an option they are placeholders for some things or being played some way or another. Good thinking though.

I remember using EVEMon in the past I’ll give that a whirl.

In the past I’ve done an API call from within google sheets, maybe I could set something up in there.

(Anderson Geten) #7

you still can use the xml api to get the jobs of you/your corp. then you filter the jobs that are not delivered and substract current eve time. this gives you the number in s that you need to wait for the job to be complete. you take max of this value and 0, and you can color the cells by range of value , 0 being green and max being red ; then set the cell format to time.

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