Is there a simple way to export research job completion dates?

One that CCP allows (so not against the EULA).

I have several alts now & I’ve run up some simple excel spreadsheets to track when research jobs are finished so all I’m looking for is to export the end dates of the jobs.

Preferably automatically each time I log into / leave the game.

Note: I’ve no experience with API keys or any of the 3rd party development tools that go with them so I need it explained to me like I’m five :wink: , sorry about that :worried:


I have excel spreadsheets for skill queues, research, industry, PI runs & game time (Omega / Alpha) that return values of Due or [ blank ] with a second field with days left to 1 decimal place.

I just have to manually enter the end date when I start a new job (etc) which really isn’t a lot of work.

All I want is something that lets me extract the end dates automatically rather than having to edit the spreadsheets manually each time, because, lazy :smile:

The Neocom iPhone app tracks and displays the Indy jobs on each character. Can easily see them from anywhere on my phone. I imagine an eve app on droid has the same functionality

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Thanks, I’ll bear it in mind, but I really want a way to do it on my PC, for myself, without giving API’s to anyone else.

Check out

Evemon can also import industry jobs (on a per-character basis). Not perfect, but suits my need for a low effort solution.

No, that is not what I asked for information on.

I do not want a ready made app, I made that clear both in the OP & my last reply.


OP edited to further clarify what I’m looking for.

The only way without giving someone else the information, is by creating your own app to use ESI. This is the only thing that will be usable in an extended timeframe due to CREST and XMLAPI being deprecated as early as this December. Additionally, any app developer using the apis are bound by the developer license to not use the information they have access to in any nefarious way. So no, they cant EVESkunk your research. That’s a fast track to app revocation and potential account ban.

That is the ONLY way you’re going to get “automatic” information from the game. Anything else is a blatant EULA/TOS violation.

edit: it also means that unless someone like @Steve_Ronuken does the work for you in the first place to let you copypasta a google doc script or some fancy crap like that, you’re going to need experience in a coding language. Aint got it? Pony up enough trust to use an existing app.

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Fair enough & thanks for the answer.

Nope :worried:

Dang :confounded: I just can’t :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ll keep updating them manually then :upside_down_face:


I guess I was hoping there was an easy way to simply export the data I want from the API, it’s not like I need to write a whole app to go with it, after all I already have the excel spreadsheets I want to use it in up & running [ sigh ] oh well :slight_smile:


Not since I played with basic with the Commodore 64 anyway, but even if I could remember any of it I somehow doubt that’s what you mean :rofl:

CREST had it easy where you could provide the key inline and get information back. ESI is a different beast, with the information you use to get player-side information (the access token) only being valid for 20 minutes from the moment they give you permission. If you request information beyond the “just log in so i know you’re an eve guy” stuff, you also get a refresh token valid for as long as the user maintains permission for you to use it. That you can use to get another access token. Depending on how google spreadsheets work, it may be possible to have a simple script that runs once a day or something, pulls job info off ESI, and dumps it into a text file that you can feed to a google script to parse out dates.

…Actually… that does have some promise… off to tweetfleet to ask about a horrible idea.

You can actually already do this via Excel (2013 and onwards) using Postman. I was able to set it up with minimal instruction and I’m new to all this!

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