Industry Job Completion

Ok, so I’ve been doing industry for a while. It really bugs me that everything else in the game gives you a notification on completion of something except Industry jobs, unless you have the window opened when said job completes.

Secondly - Eve in game calendar (just above the time)… I’m not actually sure how many people use this, apart from big alliances- or Dev events, or even know it exists.

My proposal is obvious at this point. To have personal/corp job completion times listed in the Calendar, When the end time is up, you get a notification from the calendar, and yay! no lost time on industry slots :smiley: - this would also get people using the calendar more. - Just my two cents


That would be so nice. And it would also be so nice if the calendar actually notified you when a setup event happens.


OR you can use a team manager that lists all the jobs and tells you when one of them is ready.

Sorry if i’m completely ignorant of team manager? Is that within Eve itself? or a 3rd party software?

3rd party using the ESI

Ok, but shouldn’t this kind of thing be handled internally? Eve can tell me when a skill completes… and even lets me know if my friends are online or offline. also if a contract is accepted.

Surely there would be a way for the game to also inform me of a completed function… for example - a research job, or a manufacturing job.

I use plenty of 3rd party applications with eve like Pyfa and Evemon, because they do the job better than Eve versions and 3rd party apps have been a part of eve since the beginning. But a simple notification would be nice… An added bonus of a calendar entry would be epic.

Just a final note. Do you have a link to this 3rd party software?

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No, I use my own, but I know many corps have theirs. So I guess there are some common tools existing. Maybe

The issue may be that jobs completion triggers could produce a high overload on the server. Friend connecting, contract accepted are handled as a part of the event occurring on the server, but things like skill completion need to have an internal trigger scheduling and this may be a huge load .

Ah i see about the program, nah tbh I really don’t want another 3rd party app unless it adds or changes my gameplay for the better drastically.

I understand where you are coming from with server lag, and perhaps that would have been the case 10 years ago, but surely with the tech they are using now, and databases that are a lot better and streamlined, this shouldn’t put that much pressure as a background service,


My program tells me

  • when a job is about to complete
  • when a market order is about to expire (1week before)
  • when fuel is running out on a structure(1week before)

Also have separate page for

  • how many toons have research/manufacturing jobs ready (not reactions because not needed )
  • orders I still have on the market and price+qtty of items I bought in the last three month
  • the industry I am building : what items I need, the price I should sell the crafted items (based on the price I bought the items to craft + the index cost of the system), which bp I need to acquire and research (based on the manufacturing time of a bp and the market sale qtty per day as well as the bp ready and lacking ME or TE)
  • the value of all the LP offers PER AGENT taking system multiplier into account for a given type of agent(eg HS L4 security or NS L3 mining)
  • same for the concord LPs after considering the exchange rate
  • Set the route of toons to the closest bookmark from a folder (eg tradehub or homes) and back where they are. Also add/set route to a bookmark folder (sorted by creator/jumps/name/date of creation mixed)
  • listing of the system around a given one with restriction on the industry indexes(find the system with a manufacturing station within 3j of Jita with the lowest ME index)
  • listing all the contract for a given bpo/bp group with their estimated value (based on ME/TE stats, a cost index, the original NPC price)

I’m pretty confident it changed my gameplay for the better drastically.

Id love to be able to have the calendar auto populated with dates and times when manufacturing jobs would be done! But there is more pew in the game then that, so probably not a priority or on the radar. Especially with some quick math you can manually enter them in.

I know you said you would prefer not to use third party software, however I would recommend EveMon.
It will track all your industry jobs, as well as market order and (as its primary function) is an amazing skill planner.

I can not imagine playing eve without it

Hey guys, sorry for such a late reply. Yeah I do agree that 3rd party software does the job fine. I use a couple myself including EveMon and Pyfa.

I do believe at some point they may incorporate it though, as they are currently integrating things they find in 3rd party software, like the in-game fitting tool/simulation, and also aspects of the new agency where you can find ice belts etc. As you said Scarlett, I can see all of my industry jobs in EveMon but it lacks a proper notification system, though it may just be a windows 10 issue. I will have to speak to the developers and see what they think,

I guess for now i will just grit my teeth and input the jobs manually for now, but i do think that linking Industry stuff to the calendar would be beneficial. Not just for building or research, but for moon mining as well. Having he ability to share pop times with other people in corp with a click of a “add to corp calendar” button.

Anyway that’s my two cents on the matter.

Surprised nobody has mentioned jEveAssets. Even if you don’t do industry it is a lifesaver: jEveAssets - Eve-Online Asset Manager - EVE.NiKR.NET

It shows job status, it allows you to create “stockpiles” and shows you if you have enough stuff (to build blueprints for instance) and then allows you to create shopping lists for one or more stockpiles. It shows you all your build materials (these are under the Tools menu), it lets you find anything you own where ever it is, etc., etc. Just get it now…

It also shows you your net worth if you are interested.

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