Out of game notification of skill completions

II would love to have access to my full skill training and completions history, both in-game and via ESI.

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There’s plenty of apps for that.

The skills completed yes, but not the order they were trained in, nobody seems to track when you completed that third skill(example)!

Sorry I guess your initial post was unclear, considering your subject didn’t even match up with the one sentence post. It was hard to know exactly what you were looking for.

I don’t know what value there is in what order you trained skills. All that matters is if you completed a prerequisite skill in cases where you need skill A in order to train skill B. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to go back and find exactly when I trained Drones 2…

Yea it was NOT Clear…


Well it is clear you can get notifications via ESI since I can get emails when skills complete. So you could take those emails and track it yourself. Or script something to parse those emails and dump to a file. Or write your own app to keep track based off the notifications. Plenty of options.


You can use CCP’s EVE Portal app which you can find in the Apple/Android store. You can authorize each of your characters and keep track of their training queues that way. Not sure if the app have push notifications for skills completing though.


It does

thats rather stupidrange thing to track since all skills complete in order you put then in the skill queue.

You can enable push notifications, yes.

Be careful asking for more notifications by email. I’ve spent the last few years in various Virtual Worlds, and one of the problems that frequently arose was that of ISP’s automatically blocking the VW’s as ‘spam-sources’ due to the number of emails with the same from-address. This usually required repeated requests for ‘unblocking’ from both the VW’s and the users before the emails could flow again.

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