Skill History

Is there any way I can see the entire skill history of my character?
Showing me just one month leaves me to believe you don’t want me to see what skills I am training a second time. Show us the entire skill history please.

Not sure why you wouldn’t know what skills you have trained/extracted in the past, or why you think CCP would care if you did.

It’s probably not the best place to look, but my little ‘pop-up notifications’ thing that shows in the bottom right corner (by default) has a list of all sorts of things that seems to go back years. It can be filtered as to what it shows, Skill notifications is one of the filters. You might give that a look and see if it helps.

Have you looked into your Character Sheet into the History tab under Skills?

Admittedly, because CCP is bad at coding, the list only shows skills trained in the last month or so.

You can train the same level of a skill a second time? Huh. Didn’t think that was possible.

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