History of skills


in character sheet there is a history tab.
The skills is minimum for 10 last skills being trained.
Why not to add full list wit it is date plus the extracted skills date.

It might be issue for pulling all the history at once so why not make it like pages
similer to combat log under interaction.

Considering it’s already there , I don’t see why it shouldn’t have more than 10 entries. Personally I think 99.99% of the Eve players don’t even care about it or don’t even know that it’s there …
I might be wrong , but i think there is a thread somewhere of CCP Karkur’s , she’s been doing a great job with these kind of things , little things that matter and makes life easier.
With this being said, you have to bear in mind that their resources are limited and there is already a ton of way more important things to fix first in this game.

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If they added extracting history that will be good for me at least.
last two months or three i had hard time logging to my account.
I am not sure but as i remeber my account got like 105 M SP but after
that it is less by 2-3M SP.

Again am not 100% sure about if there is a lose of skills or not so i did not report for it.

History will help me to know if something wrong going on.

I will ask about this, but I’m willing to bet that with the Activity tracker coming out in the next release this type of data gathering and tracking will be easier.

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