Lost Skill book

I’m just a beginner- just out of the warp bubble, docked at station, tried to drag the 2nd skill book from inventory to queue in the character sheet- and it disappeared. The first one seemed to work ok. So now I’m stuck. Not sure how I can progress the game without finding and re-queuing this skillbook. It is not in my inventory, and I cant find it in the skills panel. Any help would be great- many thanks.

Do you know which skillbook it was?

One of three things has happened here:

(1) A bug

(2) The skill was injected at Level 0, and is in your list of trainable skills but perhaps hidden by your filter

(3) You screwed up the drag’n’drop and it was placed into one of your other inventory hangars.

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Thanks Quezla - It was the second one… I got a new gun and a bomb I think, and a book- I dragged it to the skills queue window, let go and now it’s gone. Is there a search function anywhere?

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Skill Window middle-left there is Drop down Filter menu. Set to “can train now” and look for skills that have 0 level. You will find it there.

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Thanks everyone- I found it with yours and some in-game help! Solved.
Must be more methodical.

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Half of learning EVE is trying to figure out which filter you should be using on whatever menu lol

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What you buy from the market are skill “books”. Not really books, but more like electronic learning courses. Youtube tutorials / guides, sort of.

When you drag them to your character sheet, they are “injected” into your character sheet (like Neo in the Matrix, “I know kung-fu”). The problem is the coloring in the Character Sheet: skills you know are white, skills you haven’t injected yet are greyed-out, which is very similar looking to white. Also, the Character Sheet has a filter / options sprocket right above the skills, where you can:

  • show all possible skills
  • show only my skills
  • show skills that I have or don’t have but meet the prerequisites to train
  • don’t show fully-trained skills

So what you want to do is reconfigure your character sheet to show all skills, and then look at the difference between greyed out and listed in white.

Finally, the skill queue is attached to the character sheet, but the purpose of it isn’t really to show your skills, but to let you SCHEDULE skills for auto-training. It’s kinda like an autopilot.

So you can drag books to the queue, but the game will put them in the Character Sheet, not the queue, esp. if the skill cannot be trained because you must first train another skill as a prerequisite.

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