LF web-based character management app (or someone to make one)

What I’m looking for in a character management app:

  • Monitor skill training for all my accounts in one dashboard (~60 characters total, most Omega with MCT)
  • Push skill training reminders (low queue time) to ICS (so I can integrate it with various calendar apps)
  • Send notifications of skill completion to Discord (webhook preferred) and/or Email
  • Allow browser push notifications
  • SSO using EVE, any tracked character, rather than a separate credentials; or, if credentials required, direct support for MFA

What I’ve tried, and why it doesn’t work for me:

  • EVEMon: This is the obvious candidate, but it’s lacking the convenience of a web-based tool which I can access from anywhere, and the calendar integration is … interesting
  • EVE-Skillplan.net: This seems abandoned? Simple functionality, but often fails to connect to the API and requires re-auth (despite the keys still being valid), no notifications, no MFA
  • SkillQ.net: Missing any notification options, but a simple and clean interface

Bonus things that would be amazing, but aren’t initially expected:

  • Extend ICS export and notification features to other notifiable events: Industry/Research, Corp Calendar, Mail, PI timers
  • Cloud-hosted (either self-managed in AWS free tier or similar, or via some other managed service) rather than installed on a single VPS somewhere

What I don’t need:

  • Asset management
  • Corp management

Hopefully there is something like this that exists, which I just haven’t found in my searching … but if not, I am willing to pay for such a product to be made available.

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You might want to post/move your topic to the third party developer section. I also recommend looking through previous posts. Some guys are offering their services for isk, but a few are just looking for ideas.

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