Project , web monitoring for replacing EVEMON

Hi, i Make a project called, in less than 10 hours (not much code anyway). This is not pretty but have some interesting features. For cookies and debugging reasons, i am using two domains for manage it. for create and auth your characters, and for checking your dashboard.

I suggest you dont use hotmail /live / outllok mails or you dont receive the code for your account.
I suggest you use firefox, i dont test in chrome or edge yet.
You MUST WAIT when is retrieveing the esi information from when you authorize your char.

This is a migration of part of my personal character manager. I suggest stringly try with six charactersat least ( 2 accounts ) and authorize the six chars and crete two eve panels (my terminology for three slots in your account)
Please remember i do it in less than 10 hours and is aprox 3000 lines of code (must of it is the panels, 500 for the auth and saving).

You should look at using SSO to authenticate users to avoid requesting emails and passwords.

It avoids making you responsible to handle all privacy aspects and liable if it is leaked or stolen.

I am using SSO/ ESI.

the email is for other thing. You bind characters to an email account, and can check exipartion date or all the dat of your accounts. Master panel off accounts, and not SSO level for that.

exactly, use SSO for a “master account.”

Are you handling Character sales?

i.e.: not using the character id as a way to determine if someone has access to a character’s data, but the characterownerhash

(the tokens get invalidated, but if someone sells a character, then the person who bought it registers, if it’s just the characterid, the first person may get to see the data)

@EveDataRules i need authenticate each character of the people (in my case 48 pilots) to one central identity. If i use SSO for each of the 48 pilots they are not binded/linked to the central identity, needed for the dashboard. Then i auth each character and the next screen i ask for the email in the real world to bind the character .

@Steve_Ronuken Yes and no. I save the owner hash when auth each of 48 pilots. If the hash dont match in the show screens the user of the dashboard get a warning. I have an option called “revoke tokens” and delete the chaarcter row or account row and related characters. I understand you, but i have not time just now to manage the refresh token , to autorefresh the charaters. As far i understandi i need to do and plan to do saturday.

The core base of auth in my application is less than 500 lines of SLOC, and aprox 2500 SLOC of the panels.

At the moment only three Users of the application (select count (*) from userstable -1) , but i think the hardest is already done.

@Inactive_Seller use a no scope SSO as a central account, link all the other characters to that with the ownerhash of the SSO. No emails or passwords needed.

Thanks, i have a clue to do so. I ask the email thinking in send LATER via a real mail live telling you your characters have 1 d 2h 20m or "none of the characters of your panel are training, all its ok " ?

The email is already delivered to me, but if not enough traction maybe is better open source it or passing to a known programmer here.

At the moment some users but their are not using panels. If i get no more traction in next 15 days i erase teh data and use in private. Was interested in do a eve knife replacemenet integrated, ut some eve mail of toxic players are factors in think shelve my product for self use.

I think is an excellent tool for compare pilots and reduce the number of pilots in your roster.

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