Google Calendar Entries for Industry Job Dates

Hi all,

this is a small (and probably terribly written) guide on how to get google notifications for each of your characters industry jobs.

Over the past week or so I was looking for a way to get google notifications / calendar entries for when an Industry or Science job finishes - without writing a program or script myself.
You can show your Industry jobs with a timer in EVEMon or as a list in jeveassets as well as a lot of other websites and tools out there. Apparently, Eve-Mogul is working on a discord-notification feature which might include industry-notifications in the near future. However, until that is implemented, nothing really did what I wanted it to do: remind me when the job is finished without having to look at it every other day.

To implement this, I used a combination of google spreadsheets, google calendar, jeveassets and .

  1. For a manual (but easy) way to get a list of all your jobs, make a new spreadsheet and copy+paste a list of your active jobs from jeveassets [Tools -> Business -> Industry] into it.

Copy and paste the rows you want into the spreadsheet.

  1. Go to And follow the instructions, including the link to the spreadsheet <-> calendar “Zap”.

You probably want to use the job end-date as date for the calendar entry, “Name” for the calendar entry name and “Job Installer” as calendar entry comment - especially if you include multiple characters and corporations into your list.

  1. Let the “Zap” run and watch your calendar entries get generated. In Advanced Options of the “Zap” you can specify to get a default or non-default notification via mail, sms, etc. for each generated calendar entry.

If you are a bit more into spreadsheets, you can replace step 1 with the GESI Spreadsheet Addon. features a small spreadsheet script to fetch all the industry jobs for multiple characters. You can use GESI.corporations_corporation_industry_jobs(…) of a characters corp. You might want to filter that list by “installer job id” to single out characters.

Doing so, you just need to refresh the spreadsheet every now and then and it will automatically fetch everything via ESI and the zap will generate your notifications.


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