Proposal RMT counter

Proposal RMT counter:

So the general Idea is to put serial numbers Capital/Titans and their BPO’s. Think of a VIN number for a car

These do not need to be seen or searchable by players but can be added in the background so dev’s can trace them through repackaging and transfers in space etc.

This can be expanded to every item in the game if needed and data doesn’t become burdensome.

The way it works:

BPO’s have a serial number XYZ
Every copy or ship made from it gets serial number XYZ-123. This formula can be applied to locations and stations of manufacture as well

Now every ship can be traced to manufacturer. Now possession of ship can be logged and traced just like everything else in the game, but totally in the background by only the DEV’s. So now they can’t eject form a ship in space and not get caught.

Can this be applied to PLEX or injectors?

Now how does a RMT’er/Botter move product when every character involved can be traced and linked?

Is this a perfect system? no way.

But it can be a potent weapon against what nearly everyone agrees is a scourge in EVE and every online game for that matter.


I think this thread will be killed off very fast. Mostly because I will not even entertain posting in this anything about what I know of RMT’s or Botters. That is not for forums.

I suspect an ISD or CCP will close this thread fast as they can.

all items in the game already have their ID.

However the ID is lost when repackaged, as the packaging makes a new item (a pile of packaged items)

No, put the ID on the hull, so that it can’t be changed, like in RL

read the second sentence of my previous post.

When you REPACKAGE an item, it becomes a GENERIC item and thus can be put in a pile of other generic items with the same typeID. It thus loses any information related to its previous state.

I doubt engineers can’t track each item, having the source code of this thing we launch at evening. Now you get the idea?

no I don’t.

I told you that repackaged items are exactly the same . So if they are the same, there is no way to identify the item once repackaged.

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Yes, and he want’s to add another code that doesn’t follow this specific behaviour. Aka a persistent ID for every ship botters prefer to use so CCP can trace them.

I think so, at least.

Maybe CCP didn’t think of that yet, maybe they did. What you have done though is sharing a creative tactic for RMT’ers, or at least, those that didn’t know yet. Don’t think that’s helpful.

And I say this is not possible. The principle of packaging means you have items eg in a pile, so they can not be differentiated from the others. This saves data storage for the devs, and prevents you from having only 1000 of one ammo at a time.

The only possible way is to make some items not repackageable. Otherwise just for 1000B of ammo in game you need 5TB of ids.

Now for items that already can’t be repackaged (bpcs, laser lenses) this is already the case.

It’s possible. It’s just not going to happen because of data constraints.

Repackaging is required for a correct play (having stacks of 1 - ammo otherwise). Also for the market.
Repackaging require the items to lose any associated ID.
Hence it is NOT possible to keep an ID of an item, and this idea is not possible.

The only way, is to remove the packaging of some items, which prevents them from going to the market.

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