Ship manufacturer and manufacture date

It would be nice to have the ships manufacturer and date of manufacture on all ships produced in game.

If people id your ship it would give that information.
It would make the ships you’ve had for many years just that little bit more special and also bragging rights.

It would also give pilots of a PvP persuasion something to go after. A trophy kill.
Random pilot “I’ve had this ship for 12 years”
Random pirate “not anymore boooom”

Maybe also previous owners also. I could see a nice trade in ships owned by famous or infamous pilots.

The ship once repacked would keep the previous owner log and not be added too unless the ship is assembled.
Maybe keep it to a maximum of the 5 or 10 previous owners to stop people spamming the list.

Could inspire people to great popularity if they could cash in on that later.

Those who have ships that are old might keep them locked away and buy another as a daily driver increasing trade and manufacturing.

For those who have old ships let’s say 5 or 10 years old and are unskinned maybe make the age show on the outside of the ship. A few blaster holes or scraped and damaged panels.

Not sure if this has been posted before. But a nice idea to give a little more depth to eve.

This has come up before. Atm when something is repackaged it becomes a quantity of a standard item within Eve, if you start adding information for individual items instead then the amount of new database records and the linking would be pretty grim. Non-starter IMO.

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So if repackaging wipes the info that would be ok people could still trade these via contract.

Well, no because each unpackaged ship would have to be individually tracked along with the info until it is assembled.

This is not a good idea. You would then see who possibly supplies a gang, who drops your own alliance, or who sends ships to your, so far unidentifiable, “neutral” alt, so that you can scare away possible crabbing rivals.

No, no, of course I don’t do that myself! :innocent:

^^ this as well (maybe), however the actual practicalities make it a no-go. As for seeing who supplies an alliance etc, that actually could be a trigger for conflict so there are positives there.

Unique (unpackaged) items cannot be sold on the market. Adding this data makes every ship hull unique and means they would not be repackageable. Thus, no ships can be sold on the market (only via contract or trade). That would suck.

(There was a more eloquent and long-winded version of this, but I decided short and to the point would do.)

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Yeah you can already do this.

  • Unpackage it yourself. It has your name on it, or any name you want on it.
  • Contract it to someone and ask them nicely not to change the name.
  • Watch them change the name instantly because no one gives the slightest ■■■■ about this idea.

No wonder most people avoid these forum with responses like that.
Bitter are we?

It’s an idea which crops up on a semi regular basis.

Mostly it’s just it’d be a bunch of work to do, for not a huge benefit.

Yep. But not about what you think.

Eve is a fungible commodity market. Unique items (i.e. fitted ships) can be traded using contracts but packaged items are indistinguishable. That is unlikely to change.

Mutaplasmids provide an alternate mechanism for creating unique items. Maybe someday there will be versions for ship hulls!

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