History tab in ship's information

Few years ago I bought fitted Gila, and I want to know he’s age and pilots, that flys on it.
I suggest adding a “History” tab in unpacked ship’s information, where you can see date of last unpackaging, every pilot, that fly on this ship, time of ownership, killmarks and some other stuff.

Its only cosmetic, but it would be fun and will add some more deph to the game.

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I suggested this too once…but I also added fields like:

  • Builder’s name
  • AU flown
  • Total ISK value repaired
  • ISK value destroyed

I love this crap BUT it was rightfully pointed-out that CCP doesn’t have the time/resources to waste on fluff like this…I kinda agree but still think it would be cool…

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I am sure that CCP has this information, they just need to write it, don’t think it would take much effort

I can’t imagine Eve ever having this kind of depth.

It’s a very basic game.

Good idea though.

A better idea would be for ships 1 year old to self destruct.

That WILL chase myself and many others out of the game, and it CAN cause EVE online to fail and fail hard. CCP will lose money over it and they will go from thriving to hurting financially.

You mean the risk adverse would leave, that would such a shame.

Before you read this, keep in mind, I am not feeling very well, I had a stupid spider bite me while I was asleep and it’s messing with my emotions and messing with my emotions BIG!

Like all the mental and physical abuse that I have endured and I am suffering from PTSD from it all so that I could earn the money to have what I have means nothing to you?

I have been through countless entitled people yelling at me, countless Karen’s who belittled me and told me that I should kill myself as the first thing that was out of their mouth before I could ask in my polite and up beat tone; “How can I help you?” and proceed to physically assault me and I had to endure it all as management let them.

I have even been physically beaten by management and endured a lot of hell for me to be able to buy the game time which then turned into Omega Time and all that Plex so that I could get the skills, and get my nice collection of ships. and I still get the horrible shakes and start having the monster start taking over and eating me alive. And the only thing that could mostly help me calm down is by looking at ships. And you want them to blow up and leave me with nothing to show for?

IS that it?

That’s like taking someone’s therapy dog away from them that they had to pay a lot of money for and euthanizing them when they’re perfectly healthy and not giving them a replacement leaving them to deal with their PTSD alone with out another dog after a year. And therapy dogs ARE expensive, and the owner who the dog is for HAS to be taken care of at the patients expense.

This is a wonderful idea. Would give a very good flavor to the game indeed.

I think this would be great to go hand in hand with Frank’s idea. An expansion of the idea more or less.

Sadly, this would be impossible - when a ship is packaged, it has no information attached to it (this is what allows the market to work as it does) and just becomes an item identical in every way to others of it.

Recording info AFTER assembling would be possible, though idk how much work doing some of the above would take.

That said, it’d be cool

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As Spock said to Kirk, there are possibilities. Perhaps one day, the technology may be developed for this to become a fully functioning feature rather than a mere pipe dream.

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While it would be pretty cool for ships to have a ‘history’, just take a moment to think about the size of the database that would be needed to track all this information.

That’s probably why CCP don’t do this… and who could blame them.

That is what CCP does…it wouldn’t be a problem at all other than extra $/effort and staff.

Also as ships are destroyed, the DB would nuke that line so…

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