Ideas for Killmails 2.0

Figured if CCP was really working on revamping may as well get in early with tossing ideas around for what we all would like to see added

personally i would like to see a drop down that lets you select through different filters. such as a section to see how much cap the guy lost to nuets and who did how much neut “damage” rather than the DPS numbers. Same for a logi window to see how much of the total damage taken was do to RR and who did how much.

A filter to see how many seconds some one was under ECM and who had him jammed the longest would make for great luls. similar things could be done with other E-war with how long they were effected by what E-war

Suggestions and feedback should probably be put here:

-.- i refuse to further enable CCP to continue using more and more alternative sites to their own forums. It was bad enough when they began paying more attention to reddit than their own site

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The filters idea for this is a good one.

  • Support received (logi/remote assist, boosters) by lost ship and killing ship.

  • Would be interested in having a ‘ships history’ tab. Ships name and kill marks are easy ones I’d like to see. Jumps made by the ship or distance travelled. NPC’s killed. Damage dealt/shots fired. Damage taken. List of kills made by the ship (i am just spitballing now).

While I’m at it. Put this history stuff on a tab in a ships ‘show info’. Not just on kill mails. A tally of npc’s destroyed would also be interesting.


Not sure about on its show info. That may be a bit to much info on a ship still flying around. Unless they made an option like decorations where you could choose to make public

Time in space would go good in a “history tab” but yeah i would love to see the lifetime damage taken. Would have been great on an onyx i lost a bit ago that had survived almost 3 years

If they can track info for characters, i imagine they can track info on unique ships. Perhaps not in real time. But the client can surely request it from the server with a bit of a loading screen.

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The structure of the killmails is JSON.

This functionality is the sort of thing to direct to Squizz Caphinator (zkillboard creator) and/or other killboard owners.

However, in order for squizz or anyone else to build that sort of capability, the killmail would need to have the data to begin with.

So it’s probably better to talk about what data should be in a killmail_v2 as opposed to website features like dropdowns and filters.

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Nah filters could use the same window as now just change what the numbers represent. Then just add a seperate tab for history.

Ccp already brought up adding kill marks and rr

Ah, you mean the in game killmail window. Gotcha.

In order for that to happen, the killmails will need more data in them. This is what a killmail looks like, generated by the killmail server. It’s the same killmail structure that the in game window uses and external sites use:

“solar_system_id”: 30002976,
“killmail_id”: 56733821,
“killmail_time”: “2016-10-22T17:13:36Z”,
“attackers”: [
“ship_type_id”: 17841,
“faction_id”: 500003,
“corporation_id”: 1000179,
“character_id”: 95810944,
“weapon_type_id”: 3074,
“final_blow”: true,
“security_status”: -0.3,
“damage_done”: 5745
“victim”: {
“alliance_id”: 621338554,
“damage_taken”: 5745,
“items”: [
“singleton”: 0,
“item_type_id”: 5973,
“flag”: 20,
“quantity_dropped”: 1
“character_id”: 92796241,
“ship_type_id”: 17812,
“corporation_id”: 841363671,
“position”: {
“y”: 146704961490.90222,
“x”: 452186600569.4748,
“z”: 109514596532.54477

Yeah… that’s exactly what they said they wanted to do and the point of this thread

Maybe different understanding of what they said, but in either case, related.

Can’t update the presentation of the killmail without adding the necessary data and there isn’t much point adding data that isn’t shown in game (even if it would be in third-party sites).

But yeah, drop-downs and filters would be good in the in game presentation of the killmail.

I’m sure the ui team is up to the challenge.

What other interruption to “We want to add more to kill mails like logistics skins and kill marks” is there?


Well, the killmail is separate from the in game presentation of it. They are related, but adding aspects like logistics to the killmail could be done, even without updating the ingame presentation of the information (ie. the kilmail is server side on the killmail server, whereas the in game window is in the client. The client calls for the information from the server and presents it, but they aren’t phyically exactly the same thing. So it’s possible to update the killmail format on the server, without changing the in game window).

I don’t think CCP would do that though. So I suspect they will update the in game window at the same time that they update the killmail itself.

Except you’re providing feedback on the sort of thing it’s made for? Get off your high horse already.

I can understand the frustration.

We go through cycles of ccp saying they are going to refocus on their own forums and then not.

It’s not really like that.

Not all platforms are ideal for all types of communication. Github is specifically for version control and programming collaboration.

On top of that, it is designed to present code in a user friendly format.

It’s just the natural place for any programmer to post that type of information.

yeah here you would simple expect a professional company would ensure their own forms me their needs

This is a forum it’s good as a forum.

It’s not a programming, versioning, collaboration platform.

Thinking that one platform should do everything and a company shouldn’t use better, third party tools is stupid.

As for professional companies should make sure their forums are also great programming collaboration platforms, here’s a few other companies that use github:


Some major programming languages that are actually published and maintained through Github:


Then there are all the platforms and other companies that use it. Of course, Git, having been written by Linus Torvalds (Linux creator), is also the location of the Linux Kernel:

Linux Kernal source:

There are other great minds in computer science that publish there also.

Then of course, there are the major education institutes:


And all the other major universities worldwide.

Don’t forget of course, major governments:

US Government:
UK Government:
AU Government:
…just about every national government in the World:

and government organisations and government funded bodies:


then of course, major platforms that could be listed here and lastly (though it would be easy to go on):

Deepmind (creators of AlphaGo):

Totally not a platform that professional organisations would use, despite having their own forums as well.

doesn’t make it any less professional for ccp to litterally spread their feed back areas across something like 4 different sites hell once they forgot to post the feed back for a dev blog on their own forums and it was on reddit for two days

So they are all unprofessional for using platforms most relevant for the type of communication they are engaging in?

I would suggest, that at this stage, if you aren’t familair with GitHub, then you probably aren’t the type of person intended to be engaged through that repository. It’s JSON for discussion of changes to the killmails, likely because there is a need to engage third-party developers first.

So no sweat. I’m sure CCP will get around to posting official information here once they have it.