Killmarks - Additional Infomation

Ok, so having a chat in comms and I would love to see more information on killmarks on ships. The idea I had is when mousing over the killmarks or you click on them, a list of kills (with links to kill mails) pops up :slight_smile:
Not sure how difficult this will be?

Everyone i’ve spoken to thought this would be a really good idea :slight_smile:

Linking a ship to all the kills that ship has made for it’s kill mark total?

Yea. Sounds acceptable to me. So how would it work before you go further.

When a ship gets a killmail generated on a player it gets added to a new tab similar to how a war is tracked with the difference being it doesn’t need to be in a war to keep tracking?

Has killed X shuttles, Y frigates, Z cruisers, S structures, I industrials, etc?

Kill marks are just decals, an extra layer of texture so the mouse over method won’t work. The best way I see it implemented is adding a “ship history” option to the context menu for example, through which you can see a list of kill mails this ship was involved in.

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Killmarks should be removed as not important loader of server (till CCP will not find a way to have normal conditions in big battles).

History somewhere on the show info window of a ship would do it.

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