Ship History Mechanic

Very much like the activity tracker or the mining ledger, I’m thinking that adding a Ship history tab to the Ship Info window would add a distinct metric. Adding to the Ship History tab, things like the person who built it, when it was built, the system that it was built in, along with all of the kill mails associated with the ship. I think this would add value to certain ships within the game much the same way legacy rigged capitals do. I understand that this would not apply to ships that already exist in the game but eventually that would add value to those ships as well for not having a history after a certain number of years. I think this could add a layer of gameplay not yet seen in eve. Especially coming from an indy player, knowing that a ship I have built could go out and become infamous in the hands of another more skilled PVP player than myself.

Database says no.

The way the database works is that packaged ships are not actually ships and they certainly aren’t unique. In order for them to stack or be traded on the market they must be identical to all others of their type. They must be ‘packaged’ (it’s not just to make them easier to haul you know). That’s why you can’t stack unpackaged ships and you can’t trade unpackaged ships.

Ships are only recognised as an individual when they are unpackaged. Only then can you start recording it’s history. So you will never know who made a certain ship but you can learn who unpacked it.

I like the ship history idea for killmails. But a ships history can only be recorded whilst its unpacked. If a ship was to be repacked again it would be no longer unique and it’s history would be lost. That’s why you must repair ships and mods before you repackage them, because their hit-point ‘history’ is lost.


Player behavior says no.

Players will fall in love with that tab and not want to fly the ship in case they lose it.

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more precisely when packaged, items are actually “stacks of” items, which can be of 1, and they only contain the information about the quantity.

Since ships are created packaged, they therefore lose any information of builder the moment they are created.

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