Ship Statistics

Keeping track of the statistics of a ship, related to player activities, it transforms a hull to a personalized item, with a history that follows it while it is assembled:

Upon assembling a ship it keeps track of the following information:
Player Name - Date of acquisition - Way of acquisition
(from assembling it, or receiving it assembled from contract, or boarding it in space)

From the player activities while flying that ship:
Number of gate jumps

Number of missions completed (per mission category, level of mission and security space (HS,LOW,NULL,WH))
Number of NPCs killed (by ship category and security space (HS,LOW,NULL,WH))
Number of NPC structures destroyed (per security space (HS,LOW,NULL,WH))
Number of cans hacked (per security space (HS,LOW,NULL,WH))

Number of PVP kills.
Number of PVP Structures destroyed.

Repackaging a ship of course will lose all the above statistics.


Interesting idea. It would add some sentimental value and character to ships maybe. It probably won’t affect gameplay, but could be a nice quality of life touch.

Perhaps include this also: Time(hours) spent flying it.

Your idea kinda echoes the nice feeling a person has when they build a ship for the first time, for themselves to use. I know this is just a game and everything is virtual and equal, but the ship still seems a tiny bit special when you build it. :heart_eyes:

One thing I’m worried about is if the statistics will be collected by the same systems as the personal activity tracker - which in the past used to go haywire often.

Would be nice if kill marks could be found by showing info and linked to the original mail

Would be nice if killmarks were easier to find on ships themselves in general. They are supposedly all in the same general area, but I have a hard time finding them on a variety of ships, even with the help of the Killmarks gallery.


I have never had issues finding them except on dirty minmatar ships. For some reason their “dirt” will actually hide them

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