How Tech 2 Blueprints get invented

How Tech 2 Blueprints get invented

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Missing is a giant disclaimer informing new players of T2B originals, “the lottery”, T2BPO npc drops into deep sov & npc null, T20 and ect.

But hey up “T2BPO’s are mostly irrelevant”, ok then no harm in removing them in exchange for their original rp cost then, fair is fair.

The less noobs know about invention the more noobs ccp will retain. T2BPO’s to this day cause a hemorage of new players when they learn of CCP’s sordid relationship with pet players and the fact that T2BPO’s still exist is a travesty. For this reason it is probably best to not advertise the “invention system”.

T2BPO alongside invention were the dumbest idea ever from CCP and one that costs them millions in subscription and player counts to date.

T2 BPOs are mostly irrelevant.


while it may seem strange to somebody starting with industry, T2 BPOs are indeed not something worth investing in. They are very expensive but mostly due to the fact that they’re rare and people tend to collect.

Due to the copy times being very long on those, you basically have to use the BPO to produce directly and with that slowdown the return on investment is not great.

Will a good T2 BPO have earned his owner a fortune if used permanently since the lottery - certainly yes, but the question remains, if sth. else produced in that single production slot might not have yielded more…


You are mostly irrelevant to the game, so no harm in banning your troll account !

Source ? Otherwise it’s just BS.

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