Manufacturing in NPC station to supply myself. possible?

I’d like to do some manufacturing on Ammo. & T2 modules that are used often, to supply the everyday usage of about 6 pilots’ alts (Battlecruiser and below, or Cruiser below).

  1. [Isk saved]
    Is this possible to do isk-wise? Is this all worth it and saving a lot isk or not.

  2. [NPC station base preferred]
    Don’t have the time and energy to maintain a full production base, therefore wishing to do it in an NPC station. Any advice on what kind of NPC station to use? NPC stations within 10 jumps from the 5 main trade hubs are preferred, near Jita is better.

  3. [How]
    How do you do it for the best result.

Advice please

That you have to figure out yourself depending on the system. NPC stations have a flat 10% service fee on top of the index costs. In a system with a very low manufacturing index, you should be able to produce things profitably in NPC stations. If you want that near Jita, you are probably going to have a bad time because most systems around there have quite high manufacturing indices.

A station marked as Factory or Assembly Plant. Use Dotlan for system range and then the map or industry window to check individual manufacturing indices.

Buy mats as cheap as possible and sell your good as expensive as possible. Use manufacturing calculators like Fuzzworks or Raw-Eve (or whatever it’s called) to find profitable items.

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