If they cannot remove them from the game because they better not add a nucleus so breaking them would be profitable also they could not advance positions with posd since they do not care to lose it and they are almost free 1 billion is very little for a null corp or any corp and How to lose them you do not lose or give anything so if they cannot remove them modify them with a core of 700 million or 1Billon so not everyone can put it if they do not have that then they can be broken the same day

So first off, run on sentence is hard to read.

Second. Nothing is being done to change the old POS system. It is such old spaghetti code that if CCP just looks at it the wrong way things break. They won’t do anything with the code outside of eventually hitting delete.

wtaf are you trying to say OP? Eventually CCP plans on getting rid of the old POS soon as they figure out how to separate the sauce from the spaghetti

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