Quantum Cores = Mafia Protection Money = Kill Small Corps

So Quantum cores are about the worst idea CCP has had yet.

How this is being handled for existing station owners is the equivalent of stealing from those station owners and is akin to demanding “protection money”.

  1. CCP says pay 800 million for your 540 million raitaru or it goes into abandon mode subject to immediate destruction and loot pinata!
  2. CCP says you don’t have to get your structure blown up, you can always un-anchor it and we “CCP” are giving you time to do so…What CCP ignores in that is the lost in “billions” of is kin rigs on that raitaru.
  3. So CCP has put existing station owners in a position of either having to pay the isk for the power core or lose an equivalent or more in rigs and or station assets.

CCP should fix this by:

  1. install power cores automatically in all existing stations (if their is an isk issue have them be redeemable for “zero” isk by creating a separate power core which has zero isk value)
  2. Existing stations with these power cores would allow removal of rigs on these stations so station owners can take them down without penalty. When they then take them down the worthless power core doesn’t drop.

The two of these together insure that existing station owners are not subject to the “RANSOM” that CCP is doing. There should be ZERO change in this for existing station owners. IF CCP wants new stations to need the powercores and wants to sell them as an additional isk sink thats fine but existing station owners should not be “Damaged” by this change.

Also one other thing of note going forward. Powercores should not be more than 20%-30% of the value of ANY structure. Right now Large corp/alliance structures the powercore price is only 20-30% of the base hull price (keepstars/sotiyos). But for a raitaru or an athanor as aan exampe its 160% and 120% of the base structure value respectively. I guess this is designed to kill small corps and insure blue donut is the only game left in town?

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what? this doesn’t change RF timers. if your structure goes into abandoned mode that’s because it went low power for a week.


No core - no reinforcement.

Structures where broken since launch day, because for all this time there wasn’t single in game mechanic that made then worth destroying. That resulted in everyone having their own castle because they where almost guaranteed to be safe if you don’t make “waves”. Now when CCP finally fixes this, all the kids that didn’t supposed to have structures starts crying.

But I still think that there should be some sort of small structure for small groups or even individual players.


You are wrong.

Look kid, if you’re gonna whine, at least know what you’re whining about.

Edit: next you’re gonna tell me the CCP Dev explaining how this works is wrong too, right?


I love the passion in threads like these. Almost like CCP is taking away the family pet or something.

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It doesn’t.

Just don’t put a core in. You lose tethering, ship fitting and repair. You don’t absolutely need those for your industrial structure.

CCP is trying to accommodate your concerns with this grandfathering. Quit crying, this benefits you as competitors that come after you will have to ante up the core to deploy what you get to keep without the additional risk of the structure token.

  • Required for existing structures - 12 January 2021


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There already are, they’re called NPC stations.

That only gives you four months, better get back into that asteroid field. Wouldn’t want to waste your daily scordite spawn.

I am not clear on what exactly the complaint here is. Is the complaint that the quantum cores are hopelessly expensive? Or is the complaint that, due to the extreme value of the cores, wardec corps will overcome any obstacle to destroy the structures?

Read the rest of CCP Rattiti’s comment.
It’s only required if you want to keep the 3 basic amenities.


read the part I quoted.
It becomes required at this date.

your interpretation, that they are already not required and becomes still not required at this date, while it’s written they become required, makes no sense.

How are you literally this dense.


It does NOT say existing structure will go vulnerable or abandoned. They just lose 3 amenities. That’s is. How are you this bad at reading?

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CCP Rattati explained what they were required for.

Scoots and the others are correct. You won’t be forced to put these in your structures, but you will lose tether, ship repair and ship fitting. You won’t be able to anchor new ones without a structure, but existing structures will stay up and useable, other than for those features.


The functionality goes live, but the cores aren’t required until January 12.

Generally speaking, whenever you are trying to interpret some kind of writing - whether it’s a legal document, the Constitution, a check or Dungeons and Dragons rules - specific tends to trump general. The same goes here.

These guys have linked Rattati’s very specific words and the specific words in the dev blog and you’re hung up on “required.” You’re reading it wrong. They are only required to get the full functionality you have now. They aren’t going to explode or be removed from the game if they don’t have a core on January 12.


You don’t get it.

The “not required” part that he linked is for December update.
The “required for existing” that I linked is for January.

It’s crystal clear : the update of December makes them not required yet,
then the update of January will make them required.
Otherwise this part “required for existing in January” would make no sense since they were already not required in the December update.

Required (for full functionality).

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they are already required for full functiuns in December update.

When I read the release notes, I wasn’t paying much attention, but I don’t remember an “or else” clause - they never said that the citadel would unanchor or become abandoned, or whatever. If it is required then there must be a consequence if it doesn’t have the core after that date.

I feel like you are going out of your way to misunderstand this.