Quantum Cores for Capital Ships?

The motivation to place Quantum Cores in structures is very interesting. Increase conflict by giving more payout for being on the winning side.

So that idea could be expanded to Capital Ships as well. Give an increased payout for demolishing your enemy’s Caps! Quantum Cap Cores!



That would make it profitable to War in Null… wouldnt it?

Or would everyone just hoard even harder?

Interesting question, though definately.

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Cool idea. It would be another good initial ISK sink and force the loot fairy’s hand a bit more for the victors. The pricing would have to not be too burdensome though. I think in the 100M range for caps and 500M range for supers, just so they aren’t hoarded.

It comes down to the questions of do we want guaranteed loot for cap kills and does the game need another ISK sink for capital ships?

Its not a sink

Initial isk sink, just like it is with structures right now

Technically it is. While the core isn’t lost the taxes on purchase or sale of it creates an additional sink.



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The structures now aren’t an ISK sink either, so that’s a bad comparison.

ISK sink implies the ISK is sinking out of the game. In the case of these cores, the ISK is merely stored, as it can be turned into the same amount of ISK again by selling the cores back to NPCs.

While I think it’s nice to think of ways to make it more worthwile to fight over capitals in space, like the cores make it more worthwile to fight over structures in space, I don’t think cores are the right tool to do that.

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Make them as a by-product for Citadel Quantum Core production, and you may have something interesting.

There is no production of the cores, so I don’t expect any by-products either.

Yeah, because when capital ships are out in space they are NEVER the target of extreme and overwhelming aggression…

Not long ago if a single carrier was out in Feythabolis they would have a 50 man super-carrier fleet drop on them from Tenal, or Period Basis from Cobalt Edge.

I’ve see the sad and pathetic behavior of 100 carriers dropping a ratting Battleship in lowsec… We don’t need more motivation to attack ships.

Also… ships already drop mods that are in the same ratio of value of mods:ships or Quantum Core:Upwell Structure.

Lets see some evidence it’s actually working first.

Oh, really?! I didn’t know you could sell them back to NPCs. That’s a shame.

I’m not a fan of caps but simply slapping a payout on something and ignoring the underlying issues is not the solution to anything.

The fact is null is designed to be too safe and comfy, everyone is fat and happy and there is no reason to rock the boat. There is no possibility of real competition from upcoming or new corps/alliances because the progression gap between high/low/null is so stupidly large that no one even bothers.

Instead of expanding “corp endgame” over the years they have left it stagnate. Many of the problems in EVE really have their root in the stagnation of null.

There’s also a case to be made that if you DID make cores an actual sink (IE 100% chance of destruction on Structure Destruction) that would do as good a job of increased destruction anyway.

The policy should have always been to instantly give 30-day timeouts to everyone caught in this behavior.

I thought of this myself when QC were first introduced. I would like to see something included to make caps unique, especially as a manufacture component.

However, after careful consideration, it is hard enough to get players to undock their caps and something like QC would make them more hesitant.

If QC were used and it were 100% drop, how would that work with insurance “scams”?

Yea, more destuction if the structures blow up, but then there would be no extra incentive to destroy the structures, which is the point of the cores.

Not just null, stagnation in everywhere. And it seems CCP is aware, they’re trying to shake up things everywhere.