Quantum Cores for Capital Ships?

Wouldn’t be an issue, since modules don’t get insured.

Eh, some would see it as more tears to be harvested.

Not me, Im a law abiding ex-station owner who thinks cores are stupid anyway.

That is a symptom of end game being backed up, like a sewer :rofl:

After all these years there should have been expansions of space, the null alliances should have moved on to newer bigger better years ago, maybe out there in the galaxy we could have had player factions?

Corps from low would have moved to null, high moving in to low.

The flow of the sewer is backed up!

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Just for discussion’s sake: what if the QCs of caps weren’t dropped on destruction like they are with structures? They’d be 100% ISK sink. They’d be a way of raising the costs of capital ships without introducing more obscure material requirements (akin to PI) or magnifying existing material requirements (which would be cause problems for miners and transports and form bottlenecks and have other economy-wide impacts).


So as a CSM candidate, are you going on record with the stance that we should take away jobs from mom-and-pop hot-droppers, and redistribute them to powerful, monolithic mega-corporations from null-sec?

Yes, you may have my idea.

No, no thanks needed citizen.

Im a superhero, its my job.

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You have to remember the rule.
You never, never answer
the question they asked you.
Only answer the question…
I wish they had asked me.

Well, that is an outstanding question, Josephina. Am I saying that correctly? The answer is simple. My least favorite is the black jelly bean, and I’m not just saying that because it’s black. Believe me, some of my best friends are black jelly beans. But, if I wanted to be eating licorice, why would I reach for a jelly bean? You feel me? I suspect you do.

And here’s a free golden nugget. I also vow to protect our fine city from invaders to the north and the west, and I will only use the fundamentals of traditional Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Boom. Follow-through. Boom. Rain dance. That’s from Along Came Polly.

If you vote for me for CSM16, I can be your public voice so you can remain anonymous and fight evil villians like “Everybody-is-a-pro-botter-but-me” Brewlar behind the scenes.

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But are you pro-Skub or anti-Skub?

Is it really that hard to get all that carriers and supercarriers that farm nullsec to undock?? And if you are talking about pvp… Come on, that carebears won’t undock a corvette into dangerous situation, not a capship problem.

just enhance the insurance to mandatory basic one level(without payout) to undock the cap. no need for new items…

Then the cores would be an ISK sink, but would not be the incentive for destruction that they’re intended to be.

These cores are clearly introduced as an incentive to fight over newly deployed citadels and as an extra incentive to destroy existing citadels. If CCP wanted more ISK to leave the game, they have enough existing ISK sink levers to adjust and did not need to introduce a new system to do that.

ISK sinks are stupid anyway. They hit regular players as much as they hit null-sec mega-farm operators. Let the ISK get devalued naturally, and then goods and services will become more prominent economic drivers. For example, missioners in empire space will see a bigger portion of their income come from loot and LP, even if all the values and drop rates remain the same. Let the nullers wallow in their misery and wheelbarrows of Zimbabwean dollar ISK.

I rather like it that I can keep liquid ISK in my wallet without the value evaporating due to heavy inflation. Let’s keep EVE without inflation or deflation if we can.

Sure, for long term value storage it would be smart to buy plex with it, but please don’t make everyone do that for short term as well with your Zimbabwean dollar ISK. :stuck_out_tongue:

100% true. However, I think it should be examined as a possible solution to caps being way too cheap without dramatically changing their manufacturing requirememts. I do not believe the upcoming dynamic redistribution will be sufficient so as to address the too-narrow price gap between subcaps (esp. T2 BSes) and T1 non-super caps (esp. carriers).

If you want to follow the path of least efficiency and security, go ahead. Assets have historically acted as far better hedges against overall inflation than raw ISK.

Assuming they aren’t destroyed, yes i am aware they survive the structure explosion, but the loot fairy still decides if they survive a ship explosion :stuck_out_tongue:

Off the top of my head, I cannot think of any manufactured items that require both harvested/refined/produced components and ISK-sunk components (ie. bought from NPCs) of any significant value. Why not combine both? Caps are not an unreasonable place to consider doing so. Same with structures (whether or not the QCs dropped).

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