Too many warp core stabilizers

Ran into an issue. One of our pilots has too many warp core stabs in a ship. So the ship can not be undocked from station. The station does not have fitting capabilities at the moment so removing the warp core stabilizers is not possible.
Is there another solution ?

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Version 19.04 - Known Issues

Post there, please, to further raise attention around the unexpected and very much detrimental impacts to the WCS change implementation.

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Make a support ticket and the GM’s will fix it.

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i thought all stations could fit ships?? Or do you mean structure?

What you could do in that situation is to repackage your ship. I don’t think that requires fitting capabilities to do so. You would lose rigs and have to fly an unfit ship out, but at least you could get out, I think.

I use those terms interchangably. Station, structure, that big thing I can dock my ships in, you know?

And I assume JonReese is stuck docked in one such station or structure that either isn’t cored or requires standings to refit. Could be a Pochven or Upwell station.

They technically are not interchangeable, stations are all NPC stations like jita 4-4, structure is anything a player put up. All upwells are structures. Easy to differentiate between the two since you can’t do everything in both.

You shouldn’t, they are not the same.

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I know there is a distinction, but I never know if others are aware of that distinction too. So usually I try to get clear whether people are talking about the NPC station or player version before assuming it’s one or the other based on their use of the word ‘station’.

I just returned to one of the old player structures I’ve been using and found 50 ships completely stuck in there - I cant undock any of them because they have 2 or more warp core stabs (sigils with 4 stabs etc) and I cant refit and remove the warp core stabs because the structure isnt cored and none of the owning corps/alliances will ever core any of these old structures. 50 ships completely stuck in that player owned structure alone - forever. and hundreds more all over EVE. CCP - what do?
Again: to be clear that’s just one player owned structure/citadel/industry structure (etc.) .
I’ve got probably well over a hundred stabbed procurers and all kinds of other non-pvp ships all over EVE that wont be able to undock and wont be able to refit because no one cores the athanors anymore if they’re not absolutely necessary for strategical purposes.
What threads/forum topics deal with this stuff?

Write it off as a loss and learn a lesson about leaving your stuff in other people’s structures and going to take an extended break without paying attention.

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hang on, I wanna save this quote.
god damn this just the kind of salt i need in the morning.


Ye, I get it - EVE forums is your personal Reddit substitute shitposting space.
Spreading juvenile negativity and infantile quips as if it meant something to the community.
ah, there’s the block function. Thank the heavens.

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For those who want to actually understand how the game is played by thousands of players. Just to make it abundantly clear to CCP and whomever else - We all know that all the newbro alliances have several thousand members who were all taught to warp core stab their procurers, or at the very least shown the option - and to leave them in far away athanors to come back to for the next mining operation, and keep multiple procurers all over their alliance space so they didn’t have to risk having to fly them out through dangerous space, and risk losing them, every single time to get into an area.
Many of these - most likely tens of thousands of procurers are now locked in un-cored athanors with no way of refitting and no way of undocking.
And it has nothing to do with “not preparing” for patch changes etc. each player might be held up with multiple other activities either through participating in war, conflict defense of and for their corporation or alliance, real life activities etc - suggesting they should have to immediately cease all of that and spend hours finding procurers and flying them to safety, just because CCP didn’t bother to foresee the problem and the added burden and hours of extra work they put on the player is ludicrous at best.
It isn’t “gameplay”, it isn’t good gameplay, and it’s fueling negativity, fueling resentment, and feels like being slighted for loving the game enough to have been more active than others.

If CCP chooses to ignore their large core of more enthusiastic long time players in order to cater to some perceived, real or imagined future increase in numbers of “fast turnover” new players to compensate for every enthusiast they keep slighting, then I seriously fear for the games future.

While the game may stay at the current level for years and even decades to come CCP will not be doing itself any favours by fueling ill will, resentment, and the feeling among players that CCP is unwilling to fix their legitimate problems (if being unable to use dozens of your own ships isnt a legitimate problem to ask to be solved - I hardly understand or see what else is…) larger and larger groups of players will end up feeling like CCP almost intentionally seeks to slight them - in favor of some strategy to create a whole new game not intended for them, but intended to shuffle in large amounts of a new type of ‘casual’ players constantly in order to make up for loss of old loyal ones. I dont think that’s the game your current audience signed up for, wants or will stay for. Besides, slighting your paying customers legitimate concerns… I’ve never heard it touted or heralded as the best possible business strategy anywhere - then again, I’m not in here to make money, I’m here to have fun. When the fun stops and the negativity and money making becomes the main and foremost obvious goal of the game makers - that’s when I’ll take my hat and leave.

Note: Of course a software/gaming company’s business and “main” goal is to make money - and make more than just stay afloat and actually earn money for its employees and owners - but you cant sell (on) negativity, and you cant keep lowering the quality of your product just because “making money is the main (or only) goal” - in the end that simply means you lose both money, game and customer at every turn.

Remember everyone, you and your assets not entitled to safety if you use someone else’s public station. No other player has a job to make sure that YOUR stuff in THEIR station remains perfectly safe if YOU decide to take an extended break. To think so is the height of entitlement.

If you want your stuff to be safe, put them in Jita.

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Make a support ticket and ask the GM’s to help you.

The issue is with not being able to undock multiple warp core stabbed ships from un-cored station and has ZERO to do with “safety” , “entitlement” or “someone else’s public station”. Some people who do not understand the nullsec side of gameplay seem to continually insist on misunderstanding the issue.
These are ships docked in players own alliance athanors, astras, raitarus, azbels and sotiyos, industrial and player built structures of almost all kinds - 100’s if not 1000’s of which are spread - un-cored - throughout each alliance’s region(s) - well, except for Delve maybe but… sorry Goons.

These are structures that will NEVER be cored, as they have zero strategic value and will only be defended by either smaller groups of ad hoc defense forces, those who use them on a daily bases or corporations within the alliances that use them. But for each such structure say a corp within an alliance actually uses and will defend or even get to core or choose to core, there are 10-50 other athanors, astras, raitarus etc spread out in all systems not covered that are never, and will never be cored, wether they are defended, attempted defended or not. It’s just not viable economically and noone wants to create that amount of valuable loot pinatas for their enemies to hunt as the cores dropping is a substantial prize.

One might think this is a lot, representing “too many” structures and that these will disappear in time -
but realistically any 10 to 20 thousand player alliance will always put out a number of structures in relation to their size simply to meet the needs and demands of their activities, members and production.

So in a few years, when the last un-cored structures have been fought over, perhaps all structures will have cores and groups that fuel them, but in the mean time, the only thing CCP has done is yet again to force people into a few central structures, but in the process also just arbitrarily deprived a good proportion of users even the most basic of rights: access to the use of their own ships, bought and paid for through - and for no discernible rational reason whatsoever.

There might be one - albeit very unsatisfactory “solution” to this though - repackaging the ship - 100’s of ships in many cases - and losing all the rigs on every single one of them.

But it represents a pretty harsh economic punishment to put on no one but the nullsec miner and industrialist to pay.

I did. And got some semi “automated” blanket response: “unfit your excess warp core stabs and read the patch notes”. None of which solves the problem - the first suggestion is even in fact the very thing I pointed out to them in the ticket - the very thing that is impossible to comply with, which is the whole problem - and the second suggestion provides no help either. Reading the notes up and down there is nothing about these consequences or how to solve them whatsoever.

Repackage your ships perhaps?

Try explaining the issue that you are unable to refit your ships due to you not having access to the fitting service.