3 warp core stabilizer Astero. The Flying Dutchman

starting bid 600 million isk :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
(if that i really want to sell it)

Since it cannot unlock I will give you 100 Mil

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Im flying on it now, which means it cannot be unlocked

I meant undocked. The patch went live where you cant fit more than one WCS, so if you are undocked thats an exploit you found

I could not enter the dock when there was daytime maintenance and after calling I found 3 warp core stabilizer on and working on the ship. so this is not an exploit.

Once its docked you cant undock it again. Until you remove two of the wcss

I know for this my ship will be called the Flying Dutchman. However, I did not understand what wcs mean (I do not know English well and use Google translator)

Warp core stab. Wcs for short

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