Multi stabbed ship

Just curious if there is a market for ships with multiple Warpcore stabs fitted. I have a vexor that has 4 fitted where as you can only fit 1 now.
Vexor picture of the ship while boarded


Are they all online though?

Yes they are all online. Added a screenshot to show


can you undock that?

I have a few ships like this with “illegal” fittings (like extra guns or double bubbles). They can’t be undocked and are thus largely useless but still a cool artefact from older times.

@MaadJ feel free to reach out to me in a mail if you’re looking to sell it!

Awww bummer, I was hoping you could undock it

I guess everything is for sale for the right price. Have had a couple ig mails but the price seems to good to be true lol.


it’s a collector item now as long as you do not unfit the modules . people cannot make it like that again so they will pay very nicely for it if you find the right person

Sent you a mail