Vexor with multiple warpcore stabs

After posting to get a price check i have recieved quite a few mails with some rather nice offers.
Decided i would post here to see what offers i get.

  • This isnt an auction.
  • I reserve the right to decide not to sell

Vexor is in hisec npc station close to amarr trade hub
Screenshot of Vexor
If anyone needs more proof of it just ask

Post offers here or mail ingame to this toon.

Could you undock it to take a nice picture of it in space for me? :smiley:

Could you undock another Moracha to aggress a solo T1 frigate under gate guns so that a couple of T1 cruisers who call your ship a “Marracca” can tackle and kill you? :smiley:

i would but its cold outside

Sorry my Moracha is getting a polish atm :stuck_out_tongue:

I could! Unlike this guy, whose vexor can’t be undocked.

Undocked Hate to disappoint you but yes i can undock and as you can see they are all online still.