WTS dual warp core stabbed bellicose and atron

best offer gets it, just trying to get it off my hands

also have this one, took it out of an excape bay so will probably work if you put into a battleship

They are useless unless you remove the 2nd stab.

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we just tested it double scramming them and then using both modules makes you immune to the scrams. the atron can also be put in a frig escape bay and be fine

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That atron is probably worth 2b to a low sec bs pilot that loves expensive implant’s.

I thought it was the stab that they limited to one and pilots couldn’t undock

you cant dock them put you can put them in a pos or log off with them. the atron you can dock if you eject from your battleship and board the atron then board the battleship and dock. the bellicose would have to go in a POS or be logged off

Do you know anyone who would want to buy it?

Go to amamake and talk there :] as long as what you are saying is true and it actually works.

Warp Core Stabilizers
Warp Core Stabilizers have now been converted to an active module, where they must be activated to increase the strength of your ship’s warp core. Moving forward, you can only fit one warp core stabliizer to your ship at any time. Those ships that are currently fit with more than one of these modules will need to unfit them from their ship.

In addition to this change, when the module is online the ship’s drone bandwidth will be reduced by 50%

Both Warp Core Stabilizers and Interdiction Nullifiers may be activated while under the effect of a stargate cloak.

Pretty much any gameplay where you abuse the use of two modules where only one is allowed to be fitted could be considered an exploit. So good luck with that one chief.

Only reason to own these is for collection items

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500B for both Please ♫TY♫

I found a vexor with 4 stabs. Any idea what its worth ?

Also free bump for you

74b but must be signed by the Queen

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