WTS Stabber with 2 Warp Core Stabilizers I fitted


I was in space with my Stabber when the patch about Nullification happened.
This left me with a Stabber that has two Warp Core Stabilizers I fitted.
I’m still in space and could travel to areas close to Esoteria.
Once this ship is docked, it can’t be undocked until one of the WCS is removed.
I’ve used this Stabber to rob ESS.

Make me an offer

1 isk.

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69420 isk but only if u also give me the depression to feel when ccp force removes a warp core stab

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20bill offer

Lol, nobody can undock with this :wink:

He’s undocked now, but CCP made a change that removed the extra wcs if docked

If Kilo is legitimately offering you 20 bil for the ship, take it, say thank you, and never look back. Likely not a real offer of course

No sorry it accidentally put 20bill when I ment 20mill

Offer withdrawn

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lol i was gonna offer 20 mil :/…for a sec i thought u were some crazed collector and i wanted to tell u its not worth it

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