To many warp core stabs, can't undock

Recently got back and my proteus had 4 war core stabs, game tells me I can’t have more than one? Is this new? this ship use to fly like this. Why can’t I have more?

A ship can now only fit a single warp core stabilizer - and it not a passive module anymore, you have to activate it. It also has a ‘cooldown’ time before you can use it again.

There were changes to interceptors and warp nulification modules at the same time. Some changes to shuttles etc too.

This article explains it:

Submit a ticket to ccp and they should remove the stabs

I’m guessing he tried to undock and that is when the warning message appeared. If he is docked he can just take the extra stabilizers off by himself, as far as I know. Easiest and quickest :slight_smile:

I was thinking they couldn’t be removed, I know when this started some had to go to ccp to fix them

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No, no, no. There are no bugs in Eve :slight_smile: :slight_smile: … Hehe, just joking.

Yes you have a good point. If he was stuck somehow, he would need CCP’s help to remove the modules.

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One of the few changes that I like.

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