Undocking Issue?

Am I the only one who can’t undock with Ocator.
I have 2 characters with Ocators in diferent systems. I have the same message.

I’ m getting the “TooManyModules” error when trying to undock in a Helios. No indication of which modules are causing the error message (although I do note I am getting a diminishing returns warning on a module where there is only one fitted

I use the Ocator for past 2 years :slight_smile: no new modules there :slight_smile:

How many Warp Core Stab’s do you have fitted?

The update today changed Warp core stabs to only allow one per ship, that is your issue.


Thanks - I thought the nullification stuff was only being tested on SiSi lol, removing WCS’s now

Apart from a launcher clickable link there’s no thread on it, no dev blog or anything other than the Sisi thread which doesn’t apply as this is TQ. The link in the news article to a supposed official thread doesn’t work.

I dunno, which such a massive change one would think they’d put in the effort to advertise it a bit more and have the correct dev blog up before the change goes live.

Read the patch note article that is on the front of the launcher, tells you what has changed in the game today.

I got the same error but when I try to unfit the module, it tells me the structure doesn’t have a core and therefore no fitting service. What can I do?

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Yes, that’s what I said. It’s not really a patch note though, it’s a news article. And it’s linking to a non-existing thread.

Ouch, another oversight they didn’t think of. You’ll probably have to put in a support ticket for that one.

Imagine playing a game and not reading the patch notes.

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i see

Get another ship to haul this one out?

If it’s too big, you could perhaps rightclick repackage it, but that would lose your rigs.

Do you actually read any patch notes/ forum posts? your answer lies there


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You mean lies as in liars rather than lies as in “is over there” I assume

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It’s definitely that you have more than one stab fitted. CCP techs need to work on error codes for end users on this one. To be fair, they’re better about it than most companies as a general rule.

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I have the same situation. This type of thing should be an exception to the fitting requirement, or else unfitting modules should be something one can do everywhere

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