I recive message

Message: 'TooManyModulesOfGroup'
Args: {'groupName': (7, 315), 'noOfModulesFitted': 2, 'noOfModulesAllowed': 1}

when i try undocking! Wht does it means?!

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Too many warp core stabilizers, there is a maximum of 1 now. Unfit the extra ones and you can undock.

In case you cannot refit because the station doesn’t allow you to, submit support ticket and if you want a bug report.

Thank You! Message may be more friendly to users…

I had this as well, lol, 2 warp core stabs and trying to undock made this message :smiley:

Another problem : my ship is docked in a station without fitting services so I cannot unfit one module or dedock to go in another station …

Try repackaging your ship, or send a support ticket.

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